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iSmarch: Where Innovation Meets Customization, Focus on IoT Industry-Grade Smart Wearables

We’re revolutionizing the way you connect with the world. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in fundamental pillars that set us apart from conventional consumer-level smart wearable factories.

LoRa & LoRaWAN Connectivity

IoT Integration

Indoor & Outdoor Positioning

Open Device Customization

iSmarch Smartwatch & Smart Wearables

What Make iSmarch Stand Out

iSmarch Smartwatches: Connect More, Do More, Be More.

PPG 500hz raw data wave

Support for RAW Data

Providing raw data offers flexibility and control to customers, allowing them to leverage their expertise and create value-added services or applications that are built on top of the foundational data that your smartwatch provides.

And being able to output synchronized raw data from gyroscopes and accelerometers is a unique selling point that can cater to customers looking for advanced motion tracking and analytics capabilities, and it showcases the high quality and versatility of our smartwatch platform.

Exclusive Access to Raw Sensor Data

Accurate PPG, Support Max 500HZ Sampling Rate

Being able to provide a 500 Hz sampling rate means our device can capture very fine details of the PPG signal. This capability comes from using both a high-quality PPG sensor that can measure changes at such a quick rate and a powerful chipset that can process the resulting data stream efficiently. This combination allows for a high-fidelity representation of the user’s heart rate over time, which can contribute to the superior accuracy and performance of our product compared to competitors that offer lower sampling rates.

Bluetooth Beacon tracker (8)

Master and Slave in Bluetooth

This feature indicates advanced Bluetooth capabilities that allow iSmarch devices to act as both master and slave, enhancing connectivity options and device interoperability.

a smart watch with various icons surrounding it.

Capability to Add New Sensors

If you have their own algorithms for new sensors you wish to add, such as gyroscopes or magnetometers, the algorithms would be integrated into the firmware running on the smartwatch’s main processor, which is the nRF52840 SoC

Making Your Customization Project Simple & Precise

For electronics brand owners,  traditional watch wholesalers & distributors, gift purchasers, chain-store, iSmarch will study your detailed needs and come up with a idealy solution specially for your market and channel.

iSmarch smartwatch Custom UI

Customized Firmware

The displayed contents on screen can be customized, including different UI, add features  and all kinds of icons, such as logo, etc.  


Free Logo Customized

With printing logo on your smartwatch can better promoting your brand and win more customers. Also provide customized package free service. 

iSmarch Smartwatch SDK

SDK For Your App

Provding SDK for your own App, Android and iOS included. Your programmers only need to focus on the UI and business managment

Smartwatch ID design

Customized ID Design

Customized your smartwatch shape (round, square, traditional) and color for band. Only need 30-40 days for a new ID design & tooling.

Smartwatch Complete Certification

CE include EMC & LV
RoHS Friendly To Enviroment
MSDS For Smartwatch Saftety
FCC For North America Market

Why Choose iSmarch as Your Partner?

iSmarch is always creating the most suitable unique smartwatch solution for our partners, and sharpen our pen to low down the cost with our experienced supply chain so that they could win in keen competition.

15+ Years of Experience

Equipped with 15 years solid industry backgroud & experience, iSmarch is your long-term smartwatch parnter. OEM with your logo or ODM a new tooling, or develop a new APP, our experienced team will satify you.

Comprehensive Support

From draft drawing, prototyping, reliability testing, stable APP, screen, main PCB board, assembly to quality control, rely on us. Free warehouse & shipping for you if for long term cooperation partners.

Personalized Solution

Based on different sales channel such as wholesale, distribution, gift promotion, iSmarch will provide you the most suitable item. Stock ready to ship, quick OEM or white label service.

Defined-Quality Standard

+200 skilled workers on production line will be your strong backing for any complex design and production. No matter any types of outlook or inside design we will make your products 100% nicely & elegant.

Constant Quality Control

Never worry on our products because we always manage production line based on strictly quality-control system and doing 100% inspection. Advanced manufacturing and reliable testing machine also core for delivering constant quality products.

Favorable After Service

Our professional team is right here standing by to solve your before sale, during sale or  aftersales challenges 24 hours per day. Videos, PDF guide is ready for our partners.

Our Strong Manufacturing Facility Helps You Develop the Market

smartwatch factory1



>4000 sq feet


3.6 Million Pcs




Partners Proved Us A Trusted Smartwatch Manufacturer

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Achieve Your Sales Growth with Our OEM/ODM Smartwatch Service!