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SH06 Smart Health Tracker – Ensuring Children’s Well-being with Intuitive Technology

The SH06-HTO2 is an innovative wearable designed with children’s health and safety in mind. This device provides essential monitoring of vital signs and environmental factors, perfect for young users in school settings or at home.

🎉 APP SDK Available

🎉 Obtain PPG and G-sensor’s Raw Data

🎉 Open Device with J link Available

🎉 Customizable for Adding New Sensors

🎉 UI & Firmware Customizable 

SH06 Smart Health Tracker – Ensuring Children’s Well-being with Intuitive Technology

Key Features

Vital Health Monitoring

  • Heart Rate Tracking: Constant monitoring to ensure children’s health is always a priority.
  • Body Temperature Sensing: Keep an eye on temperature fluctuations that could indicate health issues.

UV Exposure Alert

  • UV Detection: Protects children by monitoring UV radiation levels and alerting to potential overexposure.

Activity and Sleep Monitoring

  • Exercise and Sleep Tracking: Encourages a healthy balance between daily activities and restful sleep.

Discreet and Durable Design

  • No Screen Interface: Designed to minimize distractions while providing essential health data.
  • Variety of Color Options: Available in multiple colors to suit children’s preferences.

Seamless Connectivity

  • Effortless Synchronization: Easy data transfer to keep parents and educators informed.

Technical Specifications

  • Sensors: Equipped with sensors for heart rate, body temperature, and UV detection.
  • Design: Screenless interface for a non-intrusive and child-friendly user experience.


  • Educational Institutions: For monitoring students’ health and well-being during school hours.
  • Parental Monitoring: Offers parents peace of mind about their children’s health and safety.

Support and Customization

  • After-Sales Support: Expert support team available for any assistance required.
  • Personalization Options: Customizable wristband colors and patterns to match school uniforms or personal style.

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