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Why Do You Need A Sleep Smartwatch?

We spend about 30% of our lives sleeping, but the quality of our sleep is unknown to us. There have been few tools available to measure your nightly sleep performance in the past few decades except in a specialized sleep-monitoring lab.

But as technology development and sleep tracking sensors are built into gadgets, the best can generate detailed reports on sleep duration and quality, and even in some cases, suggestions on how to improve your sleep quality. Most smartwatches already have sleep monitoring.

iSmarch is the top high accuracy sleep smartwatch manufacturer in China since 2013, your sleep quality we take care.


I7-hot2 smart band 1
I1 smart band sleep monitoring

Sleep Smartwatch Benefits

Sleep monitoring is beneficial for those who have difficulty falling asleep or have insomnia. The smartwatch can measure sleep patterns by automatically identifying factors such as nighttime activity and heart rate. They can also use smart listening technology to monitor snoring and other sounds. They can also track ambient noise, room temperature, air quality, and light levels.

Many health management companies use the sleep monitoring function of smartwatches and customize their apps and IoT platforms to generate customized sleep monitoring analysis reports, which can help users adjust their sleep habits and improve sleeping quality.

What Is A Sleep-tracking Smartwatch?

Sleep smartwatches use actigraphy, an accelerometer built in to measure movement. Using what they read, the tracker can determine whether the wearer has had a restless, intermittent night or whether they are sleeping peacefully and relatively still. They also track heart rate, another indicator of a person’s sleep status. Sleep quality was assessed based on the duration of different sleep cycle stages and the sleeper’s heart rate. App usage for the collection generates a chart or visual display indicating when the wearer is sleeping particularly well at night — or when they get the most sleep.

After a cycle of data collection, the tracking device typically processes the sleep data through an algorithm. It displays it in an app to easily view their history, assesses their sleep, and find areas for improvement. Some apps may also offer advice on how to improve sleep based on their findings.


iSmarch fitness tracker (86)

What Does A Sleep-tracking Smartwatch Monitoring?

A variety of sleep-tracker already exists on the market for a long time. Still, smartwatch sleep monitors are the most convenient tool for users. And as the technology improves, it becomes more and more accurate and close to some medical-grade monitoring equipment.


iSmarch fitness tracker (41)

The main functions are:

Sleep duration: By tracking your inactivity, smartwatches can record when you fall asleep and when you wake up.

Sleep Quality: The smartwatch detects interrupted sleep, letting you know when you’ve been tossing and turning or waking up during the night and how many times you’ve woken up. Some combination apps can also understand what causes you to wake up.

Sleep stages: Some tracking systems track your sleep stages and determine when your alarm goes off when you’re not that deeply asleep. In theory, this should make it easier to wake up.

Environmental factors: Some devices record ecological factors, such as the amount of light or temperature in the bedroom.

Lifestyle factors: Some trackers prompt you to enter information about activities that may interfere with sleep, such as how much caffeine you consume, when you eat, or whether your stress

iSmarch Sleep Smartwatch Options

We concentrate on OEM/ODM smart wearables for nine years, sleep monitoring is a critical function in our smartwatch & fitness tracker. iSmarch is leading a healthy living life.

X3plus-hto2-1 (8)

Sleep Smartwatch

X3plus-hto2 is our best sleeping quality monitoring smartwatch in healthcare industry application. Combined with our free App, the user will get a sleep report in detail. But also heart rate, body temperature, SPO2 features. 

W5-hto2 smart band 1 (4)

Sleep Smart Band

This is our 2019 top-selling sleep smart band. If you are looking for a more economical but high-quality sleep monitor, this is your best choice. Also, connect with mobile via Bluetooth, have a notification on your wrist.

SH09-HTO2 kids smart band (3)

Kids Smartband

Sh09-hto2 is excellent selling for kids, like for kindergarten, primary school campus sleep monitoring. This is the best item. And we have a colorful strap for kids. Also could work as a fitness tracker like step counting, distance etc…

I7-hto2 smart band 1 (18)
Sleep Fitness Tracker

This is not only a high-quality sleeping monitor but also a professional fitness tracker. It includes body temperature, heart rate, SPO2, social distancing, different sports model training guides, HRV, stress level.

4G smartwatch for elderly 1

Senior Sleep Watch

4G LTE smartwatch specially designed for elderly healthcare smartwatch. It includes sleep monitoring, tells you when to sleep, GPS location, heart rate.

X3plus-hto2-1 (6)

Healthcare Smartwatch

X3plus-hto2 is the most compelete features including sleeping monitoring, high-accraucy heart rate, Spo2, blood pressure…

W5-hto2 smart band 1 (3)

Advanced Smart Bracelet

W5-hto2 is our hot selling fitness tracker for adults. Adopt a Nordic CPU chip to ensure accuracy and quality. Sleeping monitoring, heart rate

I7-hto2 smart band 1 (13)
Sleep Smart Band

 Adopt high accuracy Nordic CPU chip, widely used for chronic disease management and remote monitoring, sleep quality tracking.

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