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Customization Options for Golf Business: iSmarch Smartwatch Solutions

Are you in search of a reliable smartwatch manufacturer in China to meet your golfing needs? Whether you need off-the-shelf products or custom-designed smartwatches tailored for golfers, iSmarch has you covered. We offer a range of features that smartwatches for golf users should have, ensuring a top-notch golfing experience.

smartwatch for golf

Table of Contents

Features that typical Smartwatch for Golfers Should Have

1.Accurate GPS and Mapping:

  • Hardware needed: The smartwatch’s hardware includes a high-precision GPS receiver, which continuously collects location data.
  • Firmware needed: The firmware processes this data and overlays it onto preloaded course maps stored in the watch’s memory. It then provides precise distance measurements, hazard mapping, and real-time positioning.
  • Interactions: For increased accuracy, the watch may communicate with external RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) systems, which provide even more precise positioning data. This interaction ensures golfers receive the most accurate distance information.
  • iSmarch Recommended Product: J3 with Lora+GPS version and “J3 UWB Version”
  • Explanation: J3 with Built-in LoRa Module” is a strong recommendation for accurate GPS and mapping as it can support data transmission via LoRa gateways, enhancing GPS accuracy on the golf course. This option provides an excellent choice for customers who prefer LoRa-based data transmission to achieve accurate positioning and mapping.
  • The “J3 UWB Version” is ideal for customers with very high accuracy requirements for positioning, ensuring precise GPS data.
  • They can work seamlessly with RTK and PPK systems to further enhance accuracy.

2. Course Database:

  • Hardware needed: The watch’s hardware includes sufficient storage capacity to hold an extensive database of golf course maps.
  • Firmware needed: Firmware components allow golfers to access course information seamlessly. It matches GPS data with preloaded course maps to display the relevant course details.
  • Interactions: Updates to the course database can be facilitated through mobile phone apps, which can download and synchronize the latest course data to the watch when connected.
  • iSmarch Recommended Product: X5 and X6 structure based items that can be customized to provide a new storage platform to enhance storage capacity. This customization option allows for increased storage capacity, making it possible to store extensive course databases, maps, and related data, ensuring that golfers have access to comprehensive course information.

3. Shot Tracking:

  • Hardware needed: Motion sensors, such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, capture precise movement data during a golf swing.
  • Firmware needed: The firmware interprets motion data to identify shot start and end points. It calculates distances and records them for later analysis.
  • Interactions: Shot tracking data can be shared with mobile phone apps for more in-depth swing analysis, helping golfers improve their game.
  • iSmarch Recommended Product: “X3 Plus” with gyroscope and accelerometer sensors
  • Explanation: For shot tracking support, our smartwatches offer a valuable feature by providing raw data from gyroscopes and accelerometers to users. This raw data can be utilized by customers in combination with their own corresponding algorithms for more in-depth shot tracking and swing analysis. By offering access to this raw sensor data, clients can leverage their analytical skills and create custom shot tracking solutions that suit their unique needs and preferences. This flexibility

    empowers customers to extract valuable insights from the gyroscope and accelerometer data, which can be highly beneficial for their shot tracking development and improving their golf game.

4. Hazard Alerts:

  • Hardware needed: The watch’s GPS receiver continuously tracks the golfer’s position, including proximity to hazards.
  • Firmware needed: Firmware features use GPS data to provide real-time hazard alerts, ensuring golfers are aware of potential obstacles on the course.
  • Interactions: For enhanced safety and information, the watch may connect to LoRa gateways placed on the course to receive and relay real-time hazard updates.
  • iSmarch Recommended Product: Any model with GPS, such as “J3” or “X7 with CATM and NBIOT Module”
  • Explanation: All your smartwatches with GPS can provide real-time hazard alerts based on the user’s position, ensuring golfers are aware of potential obstacles on the

5. Smart Notifications:

Our Smartwatches allows below 3 options for receiving notifications

Bluetooth Connectivity:

  • Explanation: Smartwatches with Bluetooth connectivity can receive notifications from paired smartphones. This is a common and convenient method for golfers to receive alerts, messages, or notifications while on the course.

LoRa Gateways:

  • Explanation: Your smartwatches support LoRa gateways for data transmission. This means that golfers can receive notifications or alerts via LoRa technology while playing on the course. This is especially useful in scenarios where cellular connectivity might be limited.

CATM and NBIOT Modules:

  • Explanation: Smartwatches equipped with CATM and NBIOT modules support cellular connectivity for data transmission. This allows golfers to receive notifications or alerts via cellular networks, providing reliable coverage on the golf course.

SMS Messaging:

  • Explanation:Our smartwatches support SMS messaging, enabling banks or other sources to send information, alerts, or notifications directly to the smartwatches. This method ensures that golfers receive critical updates while playing without relying solely on smartphone connectivity.
  • By offering these multiple methods for smart notifications, our smartwatches provide golfers with flexibility and reliability in receiving alerts and notifications from various sources, enhancing their overall golfing experience.

6. Battery Life:

  • Hardware needed: Battery life is determined by the watch’s battery capacity and power-efficient hardware components.
  • Firmware needed: The firmware includes power management features to optimize battery usage during rounds of golf, extending the watch’s runtime.
  • Interactions: The watch and paired smartphone may coordinate power-saving strategies through mobile phone apps to maximize battery life during a round, ensuring the watch remains functional throughout the game.
  • iSmarch Recommended Product: “J3” “X3Plus”
  • Explanation: Smartwatches with larger battery capacity, like “J3 with 600mAh,” offer extended battery life, ensuring they can last throughout long rounds of golf, providing uninterrupted functionality.
J3 Lora smartwatch


In the realm of outdoor enthusiasts, our J3 Smartwatch emerges as an indispensable companion, offering more than just game insights. Equipped with advanced LORAWAN technology, it redefines the golfing experience. Harnessing the power of BLE5.2 and an integrated GPS system, this smartwatch excels in high-precision outdoor positioning. Golfers can rely on it for accurate course tracking, making every swing count. For those moments when the golf course presents a labyrinth of challenges, our GPS system ensures you stay on the right path, a crucial feature for golfers who love to explore the fairways. With an expansive 600mAh battery, the Golf Smartwatch guarantees lasting performance during those long rounds. In the world of golf, data is key. Dive into meticulous metrics, including heart rate, blood oxygen, and body temperature, providing you with a holistic view of your health on the course.

J3 Bluetooth + Lora Smart Watch


Engineered with the utmost precision to enhance your golfing journey, the J3 UWB Golf Smartwatch harnesses the power of cutting-edge UWB technology. Its integrated UWB module sets a new standard in high-precision positioning, capable of pinpointing your location down to the centimeter. This level of accuracy is a game-changer on the golf course, ensuring you have the most precise data for every swing and every putt. Just as the golfer’s aim is true, so is the UWB’s ability to track your position. Whether you’re navigating the course or fine-tuning your swing, this smartwatch keeps you right where you need to be. Paired with its reliable SpO2 readings through PPG technology, the watch provides accurate body temperature metrics, comprehensive heart rate monitoring, and illuminating insights into respiration and stress (emotion) levels.

X3plus-hto2-1 (2)

X3 Plus 12 Axis

Designed with golfers in mind, the our X3plus 12 axis Smartwatch redefines the way you approach the game. Featuring advanced 12-axis sensors, including accelerometers and gyroscopes, this smartwatch is finely tuned to recognize every movement and position on the course. From the precise calculation of your swing to your location on the fairway, the watch provides invaluable data to enhance your golfing prowess. Just as golfers rely on their precision, so does this smartwatch in tracking your every step. It’s not just about data; it’s about perfecting your game. In addition to its motion-sensing prowess, the watch offers an array of features to elevate your golfing experience. With its geofencing capability, you can set predefined zones on the course, receiving immediate notifications if you venture beyond the fairway. This keeps you focused on the game and ensures you’re always in the right place. Beyond these functionalities, the Golf Smartwatch delivers precise SpO2 readings through PPG technology and comprehensive heart metrics, ensuring your well-being is always top of mind on the course.



Engineered with golf enthusiasts in mind, the Golf Smartwatch X5 redefines how you experience the game. It’s equipped with a robust storage solution, allowing you to capture every golfing moment in detail. The X5’s extensive storage, coupled with its integrated accelerometers and gyroscopes, ensures that your swing data, course insights, and performance history are securely stored and easily accessible. This combination of ample storage, accelerometers, and gyroscopes enhances your game analysis and swing optimization, enabling you to refine your skills with precision.



Tailored for golf enthusiasts, the our X6 Smartwatch is a versatile companion that adapts to your unique needs on the course. Its customizable structure allows you to create a tailored storage platform, perfect for storing essential data such as swing information, course maps, and performance history. Beyond its storage capabilities, the X6 excels in monitoring vital signs with high accuracy, including ECG, PPG, heart rate, and SpO2. What sets the X6 apart is its integration of a gyroscope, a cutting-edge feature that enhances your swing analysis and course navigation.
Plus, it offers the peace of mind of an SOS function for unexpected situations on the course.



Crafted for golf enthusiasts, the X7 Smartwatch takes your game to the next level with its cutting-edge connectivity and health monitoring capabilities. Powered by BLE5.2, CAT-M, NB-IoT, and GPS, it ensures you stay connected and informed on the course. High-accuracy vital signs tracking, including heart rate, SpO2, and more, provides a comprehensive view of your health during your rounds. What sets the X7 apart is its exceptional energy efficiency, ensuring your watch lasts through even the longest golf games. Real-time data transmission is a breeze, thanks to its low-power connectivity options. Whether you’re tracking your progress, analyzing your swings, or navigating the course with GPS precision, the Golf Smartwatch X7 is your ultimate golfing companion, delivering the data you need, when you need it, without compromising on battery life or connectivity.

Additional options from iSmarch for Golf smartwatch project:

Compact and Kid-Friendly Design:

iSmarch offers compact-sized smartwatches suitable for kids and women.

These smartwatches can be customized to include GPS modules as needed.

Custom Screen Options:

Having a great screen is enssential for sports industry especially for golf. iSmarch offers a wide range of screen options, ensuring excellent performance both indoors and outdoors, including fantastic visibility under sunlight. These screens are sourced from a reputable supplier, the same as used by government agencies.

  • TFT Screens: iSmarch’s smartwatches come equipped with TFT screens, providing vibrant and clear displays for various applications.
  • PMOLED Black and White Screens: Some models feature PMOLED screens in black and white, offering sharp contrast and energy efficiency for extended battery life.
  • E-Link Screens: iSmarch can provide smartwatches with E-Link screens, known for their exceptional visibility in both indoor and outdoor environments, making them ideal for golfers who need to view data on sunny days.
  • OLED Screens: OLED screens are another option available, offering high-resolution displays for enhanced clarity and rich colors.
  • MEM Screens: iSmarch’s smartwatches can also feature MEM screens, sourced from the same supplier as Garmin. These screens excel in providing outstanding performance in various lighting conditions, including bright sunlight, ensuring golfers have a clear and detailed view of their data while on the golf course.

Connectivity Options:

  • iSmarch smartwatches offer diverse connectivity options to ensure users stay connected and receive critical information:
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: All iSmarch models come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing seamless pairing with smartphones. This enables golfers to receive notifications, updates, and alerts directly on their smartwatches, enhancing their awareness and convenience on the course.
  • LoRa Gateway Support:J3 with Built-in LoRa Module” provides support for LoRa gateways, a robust and long-range wireless communication technology. Golfers can receive notifications and data updates even in areas with limited cellular coverage, making it an ideal choice for remote golf courses.
  • Cellular Connectivity: “X7 with CATM and NBIOT Module” offers cellular connectivity, enabling golfers to stay connected to the internet and receive real-time updates. This is particularly valuable when playing on courses with adequate cellular network coverage.
  • SMS Messaging: iSmarch smartwatches support SMS messaging, allowing banks and other sources to send notifications, alerts, and distance information directly to the wearer’s device. This feature ensures golfers receive essential updates without relying solely on smartphone connectivity.

Precise Health Monitoring:

  • iSmarch prioritizes the accuracy of health monitoring features, ensuring golfers have access to reliable data:
  • PPG Sensors: iSmarch smartwatches incorporate special premium PPG (Photoplethysmography) sensors renowned for their precision. These sensors accurately measure vital signs, including heart rate, SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation), and HRV (heart rate variability), providing golfers with invaluable health insights.
  • Advanced Algorithms: To complement the high-quality PPG sensors, iSmarch employs advanced algorithms with years of expertise. These algorithms process sensor data to generate precise health readings, ensuring golfers receive accurate information about their physical well-being.
  • Comprehensive Health Data: In addition to heart rate, SPO2, and HRV, iSmarch smartwatches monitor other vital health metrics, including sleep patterns. Golfers can gain a holistic view of their health and well-being, allowing them to make informed decisions about their physical activity and rest.
  • User-Friendly Interface: iSmarch’s user-friendly interface presents health data in a clear and accessible manner. Golfers can easily view their health statistics on their smartwatches, helping them monitor and manage their physical condition while enjoying a round of golf.
iSmarch can provide max 500Hz PPG Raw darta sampling rate

RTK and PPK- Dual Positioning Techniques: Precise Location Localization for Golfers

RTK mobile station on golf cart

How iSmarch Smart Watches with built-in GPS modules work with RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) stations and PPK (Post-Processed Kinematic) to achieve precise positioning. This involves a dual approach for highly accurate location localization.

1. Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Positioning:

RTK positioning is a real-time, high-precision GPS technique that provides centimeter-level accuracy. Here’s how it works in conjunction with iSmarch Smart Watches:


  • iSmarch Smart Watch with GPS Module: The smartwatch is equipped with a GPS receiver capable of receiving signals from satellites.
  • RTK Base Station: An RTK base station is placed at a known location within the golf course. It serves as a reference point for precise positioning.
  • RTK Corrections: The base station continuously sends correction signals to the smartwatch via a dedicated communication link (e.g., radio or cellular network).


  1. The iSmarch Smart Watch receives GPS signals from satellites, providing its initial position estimate.
  1. Simultaneously, it receives RTK correction data from the nearby RTK base station. These corrections contain information to correct for errors in the GPS signal, such as atmospheric delays.
  1. The smartwatch applies these real-time corrections to its GPS position estimate, resulting in highly accurate real-time positioning.
  1. The final position with centimeter-level accuracy is displayed on the smartwatch screen, providing golfers with precise location information on the golf course.In addition to the fixed RTK base stations, imagine a mobile base station placed strategically on the golf course. As this station moves with the golfer, it continually adjusts and refines location data, accounting for slight variations in position. This real-time precision ensures golfers receive centimeter-level accuracy in their yardage measurements, green view mapping, and shot tracking. RTK technology is the backbone of modern GPS positioning in golf.

2. UWB Technology: Bridging the Gap for Precise Localization

But what about those moments when golfers step away from the cart or move slightly off-course? This is where UWB (Ultra-Wideband) technology comes into play. UWB technology utilizes short-range, high-frequency radio waves to precisely measure the distance between a mobile base station, often placed on the golf course, and the golfer’s smartwatch. As golfers move, the UWB system continuously calculates the precise location by measuring the time it takes for signals to travel. This dynamic and adaptive technology ensures that golfers receive accurate yardage data regardless of their position on the course.

3. Post-Processed Kinematic (PPK) Positioning:

PPK positioning is a technique where GPS data collected in the field is post-processed after the fact, achieving similar high accuracy. Here’s how it complements iSmarch Smart Watches:


iSmarch Smart Watch with GPS Module: The smartwatch records GPS data during a golf round.

PPK Software: Post-processing software is used to analyze and correct the collected GPS data after the round.


  1. The iSmarch Smart Watch continuously logs GPS data during a golf round, recording position, and time information.
  2. After the round, the collected GPS data is transferred to a computer with PPK software.
  1. The PPK software analyzes the recorded data and compares it to known reference points, such as data from base stations or ground control points.
  1. By applying corrections based on reference data, the PPK software refines the accuracy of the recorded GPS positions.
  1. The final processed data yields highly accurate location information for each point during the golf round.

Achieving Precise Location Localization:

In conclusion, the integration of RTK, PPK, and UWB technologies has transformed the golfing experience. Whether you’re relying on real-time accuracy, post-game analysis, or the adaptability of UWB, these positioning technologies have become indispensable tools for golfers seeking to enhance their game. With precise location localization at their fingertips, golfers can confidently tackle every fairway, green, and hazard, knowing that their iSmarch Smart Watch is delivering the data they need for success.

UI Customization options for Golf Smartwatch

Customization Options:

At iSmarch, we understand that every golfer is unique, and their preferences may vary when it comes to user interfaces (UI). That’s why we offer a range of customization options to ensure our smartwatches cater to your specific needs.

Easy Access to Customization:

We could offer open devices of our smartwatches with J-link, so you will have the flexibility to integrate their own UI designs seamlessly.

Submit Your UI Flow Charts:

Have your own UI flow charts ready? Great! We welcome your designs and are more than happy to evaluate and integrate your UI into our smartwatches. Your unique ideas can become a reality, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of our smartwatches.

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