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IoT Smartwatch SDK - Data Integration & Custom Application Development

Unlock the full potential of wearable technology with the iSmarch Smartwatch SDK. Designed for IoT industry innovators, our SDK provides the tools needed to craft bespoke applications across a spectrum of industries. From healthcare, where precision and reliability are paramount, to the rigorous demands of logistics and manufacturing, our SDK equips you with the data and control necessary to push the boundaries of smartwatch functionality.


Table of Contents

Introduction to iSmarch Smartwatch APP SDK

Software Development Kit (SDK):

  • The SDK serves as a collection of tools, libraries, documentation, and code samples that facilitate the development of software for smartwatch platform.
  • By providing access to PPG or accelerometer raw data, the SDK enables customers to create custom applications that utilize this data for various health monitoring and activity tracking features.

The APP SDK serves as a toolkit for mobile application developers, providing a simplified interface for using the Bluetooth communication capabilities of the nRF chipset within your smartwatch. It abstracts the complexities of Bluetooth and sensor data handling, allowing developers to focus on creating feature-rich applications that can leverage the smartwatch’s capabilities.

Difference between APP SDK and Firmware SDK

The APP SDK (Application Software Development Kit) and the firmware SDK (Software Development Kit) serve different purposes in the development ecosystem of smart devices like smartwatches. Here’s how they differ:


  • Target Audience: Application developers who create mobile apps for smartphones or tablets.
  • Purpose: To enable the development of applications that communicate with the smartwatch. These applications typically run on external devices, like a user’s smartphone, and interact with the smartwatch via Bluetooth.
  • Functionality: The APP SDK provides tools and APIs for discovering the smartwatch, connecting to it, and exchanging data. It allows the mobile app to initiate actions on the smartwatch, such as fetching health data or sending configuration commands.
  • Components: Includes libraries for integration into mobile apps, documentation, example code, and often a demo application to show how the SDK can be used.

Firmware SDK:

  • Target Audience: Firmware developers who work on the software that runs directly on the smartwatch itself.
  • Purpose: To facilitate the development of the firmware that interacts directly with the smartwatch’s hardware and provides the foundational software layer for device operation.
  • Functionality: The firmware SDK contains tools, libraries, and APIs needed to program the nRF chipset in the smartwatch. This can include low-level control of hardware components, managing Bluetooth connectivity, and real-time processing of sensor data.
  • Components: Typically includes hardware abstraction layers, peripheral drivers, real-time operating system (RTOS) components, middleware for handling tasks like Bluetooth communication, and comprehensive documentation.

Key Differences:

  • Level of Abstraction: The APP SDK operates at a higher level of abstraction, focusing on the interface between the smartwatch and external devices. The firmware SDK operates at a lower level, dealing with the internals of the smartwatch.
  • Development Focus: APP SDK is focused on building software that runs on an external device (like a smartphone), while the firmware SDK is for developing software that runs on the smartwatch itself.
  • Bluetooth Role: In the APP SDK, Bluetooth tools and libraries are designed to manage wireless communication from the perspective of an external device. In the firmware SDK, Bluetooth components manage the smartwatch’s role in the communication process, including acting as a peripheral or central device.
  • Execution Environment: Software developed with the APP SDK runs on an external device’s operating system (e.g., iOS or Android). Software developed with the firmware SDK runs directly on the smartwatch’s hardware.


In essence, the APP SDK is for developing applications that run on a separate device and interact with the smartwatch, while the firmware SDK is for developing the smartwatch’s internal software that directly manages and controls the device’s hardware and internal functions.

At iSmarch, we are able to provide both SDK, but here in this page, we are discussing about the APP SDK.

How Our SDK Empowers Various Industries

Our SDK is the gateway for industries to harness the power of smart wearables. In healthcare, create applications that enable continuous patient monitoring, supporting proactive care. For logistics, develop systems for precise asset tracking and inventory management, dramatically increasing operational efficiency. Manufacturing benefits from our SDK through customized applications that monitor equipment performance and ensure worker safety. Energy and utility companies can implement remote monitoring solutions for field equipment, optimizing maintenance schedules and resource allocation. In the field of construction, leverage our SDK to build applications that enhance on-site safety and equipment tracking.

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SDK Technical Specifications and Development Support

iSmarch Smartwatch SDK

Unveil the full capabilities of the iSmarch SDK, meticulously architected to empower IoT smartwatch manufacturers and application developers. Our Android SDK offers an array of data retrieval and device interaction methods to suit the diverse demands of the IoT industry.

Data Retrieval Methods:

  • Synchronous Data Return: Utilize the designated interfaces to await data returns in a blocking manner, ensuring data integrity and consistency for critical applications.
  • Asynchronous Data Return: Leverage the ‘onSDKDeviceResponse’ method for asynchronous callbacks, delivering packaged data types for streamlined app functionality.
  • Raw Data Access: Access raw data streams via ‘onSelfDeviceResponse’ for custom development needs, providing the groundwork for innovative application features.

Device Interaction Capabilities:

  • Device Discovery and Connection: Search and connect with ease, initiating various data retrieval operations post-connection.
  • Real-Time Data Synchronization: Seamlessly synchronize app time with the smartwatch for accurate data logging.
  • Comprehensive Health Metrics: Access real-time vital signs data—heart rate, blood oxygen, body temperature, and more—for health-focused applications.
  • Activity and Wellness Tracking: Obtain current step count, sleep data, HRV/RRI, activity intensity, and wellness assessments to build holistic health and fitness applications.

Customizable Data Solutions:

  • Transparent Data Transmission: Custom-develop automatic data retrieval at set intervals and store data with the ‘transparentData’ function.
  • Historical Data Access: Fetch up to a week’s worth of historical data for in-depth analysis and trend monitoring.
  • Custom Data Storage: Tailor data storage methods to specific requirements—decide on data combinations, measurement intervals, batch sizes, and storage duration to fit your application’s needs.

Developer Support and Resources:

  • Comprehensive SDK Documentation: Access in-depth API documentation, sample codes, and clear instructions for device interaction and data handling.
  • Customization Queries: Respond to a series of questions to customize data storage and retrieval, matching the unique specifications of your IoT smartwatch applications.
  • Ongoing Technical Assistance: Benefit from our continuous support and updates, ensuring your development process is as efficient and up-to-date as possible.

By integrating the iSmarch SDK into your development ecosystem, you unlock new horizons for smartwatch application development, underpinned by robust technical support and a deep understanding of the IoT landscape.

Why Choose iSmarch for Your Smartwatch SDK Needs

Choose iSmarch for our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer support. Our SDK is designed with the future in mind, scalable for evolving industry demands. When you partner with us, you gain access to cutting-edge technology and a team committed to your success. Whether you’re developing for healthcare, logistics, or any IoT-driven industry, iSmarch is the partner that stands by you, from ideation through to execution and beyond.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the SDK provides access to a variety of health metrics, including heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and more, allowing for comprehensive health and fitness application development.

Absolutely. The SDK allows for the retrieval of historical health and activity data stored on the device, which can be crucial for trend analysis and user insights.

Yes, our SDK supports real-time data synchronization between the smartwatch and connected devices, ensuring timely and accurate data delivery.

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