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What is UWB Technology?

UWB is a relatively short-range wireless communication protocol and way, compare to Bluetooth and WIFI, both belong to the radio wave transmission. The difference compare to Bluetooth or WIFI, UWB is a wireless carrier communication technology that uses a bandwidth of more than 1 Ghz. It does not use sinusoidal carrier wave, but using nanosecond class non-sinusoidal narrow pulse transmission data, so it occupies a wide spectrum. Because it is widely used in indoor positioning system, it has high precision and efficiency.

UWB was primarily for military and telemedicine monitoring in the early years, largely because of the high cost and big size. With the development of UWB technology, UWB began to be used in many electronic products, such as mobile phones, lots smart wearable device starts to carry out high-precision indoor positioning with UWB technology. UWB is more and more widely used in various IoT application scenarios.

iSmarch UWB watch UWB tracker (6)
iSmarch UWB watch UWB tracker (2)

How Does UWB Work?


UWB works in a straightforward way. It transmits data not by common continuous carrier wave, but by pulse signal. When an RF signal source is sent out, the receiving source receives the signal at a straight distance in the first place. By receiving the time stamp, the signal flight distance can be calculated. For UWB, all reflections are negligible, allowing it to pick up the first signals that arrive. Not only that, but you can get the phase difference, calculate the angle difference, and finally locate the relative position of the target at the receiving end by distance and angle

A UWB transmitter works by sending one billion pulses (UWB was formerly called “Pulse Radio”) over a wide spectrum of frequencies; then, the corresponding receiver converts the pulses into data by listening for familiar pulse sequences sent by the transmitter. Sending a pulse about every two nanoseconds helps UWB achieve its real-time precision.

UWB has extremely low power consumption, but high bandwidth (500mhz) is ideal for relaying large amounts of data from host devices to other devices up to about 30 feet away. Unlike Wi-Fi, however, it is not particularly good at transmitting through walls.

iSmarch UWB watch UWB tracker (16)
iSmarch UWB watch UWB tracker (10)

UWB Technical Principle:


Location Principles: TOF (time of Flight) , TDOA (time of arrival) , Aoa (angle of arrival)

• Adopt the most accurate radio location technology known: Ultra Wide Band (UWB)

• UWB is a radio wave with a physical property that is good for location because it:

(1) the pulse width is extremely narrow (1ns) , which is good for timing and positioning, and can resist multipath effect naturally

(2) it occupies a wide spectrum and can resist radio interference of fixed frequencies such as WIFI/Bluetooth

(3) low spectral power and no interference to radio signals such as WIFI/Bluetooth

UW VS AOA indoor location advantages and disadvantages:


In the future, 70% of IoT data will be related to location data, and a large part of it will need to be centered around location data for business operations. It can be said that the market for indoor positioning technology will have its own occasions, depends on who can master the main market positioning competition, such as positioning systems, Bluetooth, AOA, UWB technology. Facing these two big localization technologies, how should the application enterprise find the suitable technical plan?

UWB positioning system has excellent positioning accuracy, in the harsh environment can also meet the needs of precision, Bluetooth AOA not only good accuracy, ecology is also very mature, but more suitable for a simple office or shopping mall environment, more inclined to the actual indoor location navigation. The pros and cons are described as follows:


1. UWB positioning system accuracy is 2 times more than Bluetooth positioning system

Ideally, both UWB positioning systems and Bluetooth AOA positioning can achieve centimeter-level accuracy. UWB wireless transmission is achieved by sending and receiving extremely narrow pulses of nanoseconds or microseconds, bluetooth is based on AOA technology to locate. As a result, UWB’s ability to penetrate obstacles is stronger than Bluetooth’s in real-world scenarios, and UWB’s effective transmission distance is more than 10 meters, about twice as much as Bluetooth’s. UWB accuracy is at the centimeter level.

Because Bluetooth can not accurately measure distance, if using a Bluetooth AOA base station location can only assume that the tag height from the ground. At this point if the label is raised or down, positioning accuracy will have a large deviation.

2. Bluetooth positioning has advantages over UWB positioning system in operation and maintenance

As an example of base station in the same scene, the hardware devices in UWB positioning system, such as UWB base station, need active power supply and solar power supply when transmitting a large amount of position data, bluetooth AOA positioning in a battery can work for a long time, in the operation and maintenance of obvious advantages.

  • The label can be a Bluetooth AOA chip, and the label Bom Cost is lower than UWB solution.
  • The phone can be used as a tag to enable the need to add the Bluetooth AOA vendor specific code under the APP.

3. UWB location systems may cost more than Bluetooth AOA location systems

UWB positioning system applications UWB base station adjacent to two points in about 20-50 meters, if the occlusion will be more devices, and Bluetooth AOA positioning is subject to signal propagation distance, the base station adjacent to two points in about 6 meters. So for devices that are configured in terms of distance, the need for Bluetooth is even greater. But in the current market, UWB positioning systems require devices that cost more than Bluetooth, so in terms of construction costs and application scenarios, maybe Bluetooth costs less, but in terms of applications, uWB is more widely used. But as UWB technology continues to improve, the cost gap between the two will become smaller and smaller.

Because the AOA Bluetooth each location base station coverage area is small, the base station spacing is even similar to iBeacon a few meters. A Bluetooth AOA base station is placed on the ceiling. The area covered by each base station is circular and the area covered in the space is conical (with the base station as the apex and the ground as the bottom) . The higher the ceiling from the ground, the greater the coverage. But the technical limitations, to achieve sub-micron positioning accuracy, each Bluetooth AOA base station coverage is too small. According to the QUUPPA proposal, the radius of coverage of a single Bluetooth AOA base station is equivalent to the installation height.

That is, when the height of the base station is 3 meters, it can only cover a circular area with a radius of 3 meters. So if you want to locate indoor space coverage at a height of 3 meters (common office space height) , you have to deploy Base station at intervals of about 5 meters, and each base station also needs to be connected to the network. So if UWB accuracy is to be achieved using AOA, it may be very complex to deploy and won’t cost much more than UWB


4. Bluetooth AOA location is susceptible to interference

Bluetooth 2.4 ghz frequency band is not authorized frequency band, more vulnerable to interference. Wi-fi, Bluetooth, wireless mouse and other devices in the office may have an impact on location. UWB signals are very stable and can be accurately located in any scene, so UWB application scenarios will be more extensive.

5. Different scenarios

Bluetooth AOA localization is more applicable in civil scene such as hospital, shopping mall, parking lot, etc. . This kind of scene takes the user as the core, and pays more attention to the user’s experience in the scene, such as looking for a car, looking for a location, etc. . UWB positioning system is more suitable in the enterprise scene, such as factory, chemical industry, power plant, etc. . These scenes take the enterprise as the core, pay more attention to the safety and management of personnel, and require higher positioning accuracy, uWB is more suitable for a wider range of scenarios than Bluetooth, and ISMARCH already has a large number of cases in UWB scenarios, including 500 + real-world scenarios, helping the enterprise to achieve better development.

So, at present, UWB positioning system and Bluetooth AOA positioning technology have advantages and disadvantages of each other. With the development of UWB technology and the wide use of UWB in electronic products such as mobile phones, the base station layout and cost of UWB will be lower and lower, so the use of UWB will be more and more widespread.



iSmarch UWB watch UWB tracker (6)
iSmarch UWB watch UWB tracker (9)

UWB VS Bluetooth VS Wifi Postitioning

Wifi Positioning:

Accuracy: 5-10meters


Advantages: partial sharing of existing WIFI facilities, low cost


• Low precision, easily disturbed and unstable

• wi-fi fingerprints require manual updating and are expensive

• Fewer location devices supported at the same time (typically < 100)

Deployment of Density:

Deployed at 30-meter intervals, 700 square meters per unit

Hundreds of dollars per AP


Bluetooth Beacon Positioning:

Accuracy: 3-5meters


Pros: location accuracy higher than wi fi solution


• Need a high-density installation, with high installation costs

• Beacons require regular battery changes and are expensive to maintain

• Fewer location devices supported at the same time (typically < 100)

Deployment of Density:

Deploy at 8m intervals, 50m2 each

Each beacon is worth dozens of dollars


iSmarch UWB Positioning:

Accuracy: 5-30centimeter


• high precision, anti-interference, high reliability and low power consumption

• Multiple location devices are supported simultaneously

• Integrated Mobile Location (patent)

Deployment of Density:

Open Space, base stations can be deployed at intervals of 100 metres


Who is better at indoor positioning, RFID or UWB?

The increasing abundance of indoor scenes such as shopping malls, parking lots, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, convention and exhibition centers has increased people’s demand for fast navigation and convenient positioning, indoor location technology thus has a place. The development of indoor positioning technology makes up for the inaccuracy, low signal or even no signal in indoor application, and makes people’s daily life more convenient.

At present, in the mainstream indoor location technology, the radio frequency identification (RFID) and ultra-wideband (UWB) location technology are often compared from the aspects of security, anti-jamming and communication transmission distance. So What’s the difference between the two indoor location technologies? Which is the better indoor location technology?

Before comparing the substantial difference between the two, let us first understand the two indoor positioning technology positioning principles.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) , also known as RFID, is a technology that uses radio frequency signals for wireless communications to automatically identify targets, a fixed set of readers reads the characteristics of a target RFID tag without establishing mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and a specific target.

UWB positioning technology, also known as UWB indoor positioning technology, is a very low-power high-speed data transmission wireless communications technology, through pre-arranged, known location of the anchor node and bridge node, it communicates with the newly added blind node and uses triangulation or fingerprint location to locate the position.

From the above, we can understand that the positioning principle of the two is different. What are the concrete and substantive differences between the two indoor positioning technologies?


Radio frequency identification (RFID) localization technology is limited by the cheap computation and the low efficiency data, the transmission, the storage ability, is vulnerable to all kinds of security threats including the privacy question, the security is low. UWB indoor positioning technology, which uses spread spectrum and time hopping technology to meet the high Data transfer rate, can hide the signal better in the background noise, thus protecting communication, the probability of data being intercepted is low. Therefore, UWB indoor location technology has higher security under the same data transmission.

2.Noise immunity

In the application of RFID technology, the two adjacent antennas of two adjacent readers send the RF signal at the same time, so the anti-jamming is poor. Ultra-wideband (UWB) positioning technology uses time-hopping and spread spectrum signals. The system has a large processing gain. When transmitting, the weak radio pulse signals are scattered in a wide frequency band, and when receiving, the signal energy is restored, the spread spectrum gain is produced in the process of de-spreading, so it is not easily disturbed by other signals. Therefore, the UWB indoor positioning technology has stronger anti-jamming ability under the same code speed condition.

3.Communication transmission distance

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is often used in regional positioning, and it is suitable for short distance identification communication. UWB indoor positioning technology is suitable for long-distance communication. Therefore, under the same positioning requirements, UWB positioning technology has a longer communication transmission distance.

Summary: compared with RFID positioning technology, in security, anti-jamming, communication transmission distance, ultra-wideband positioning technology is better. Therefore, for indoor positioning, UWB positioning technology has significant advantages, is a more ideal choice.

What Is UWB Positioning System?

UWB indoor positioning technology is a brand-new communication technology, which is very different from traditional communication technology. It does not need to use the carrier in the traditional communication system, but transmits and receives the data by the extremely narrow pulse which has the nanosecond or below the nanosecond level, thus has the GHz magnitude bandwidth.

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UWB Positioning System Introduction

Compared with traditional narrowband system, UWB indoor positioning system has the advantages of strong penetration, low power consumption, good anti-multipath effect, high security, low system complexity, and can provide accurate positioning accuracy. Therefore, UWB localization can be applied to indoor stationary or moving objects, as well as human location tracking and navigation, and can provide very accurate positioning accuracy. But the cost is expensive and the network deployment is complex.

UWB positioning technology is very different from traditional communication technology, it does not need carrier wave in traditional communication system, but transmits data by sending and receiving extremely narrow pulse with nanosecond or less, so it has a GHz bandwidth. UWB indoor positioning can be used in various fields of indoor precise positioning and navigation, including people and large items, such as valuables storage, mine personnel positioning, personnel positioning and so on.

iSmarch UWB watch UWB tracker (9)
iSmarch UWB watch UWB tracker (7)
UWB Positioning System Introduction

The demand for indoor location is also emerging: shopping malls, airports, stations and other crowded places: the need for efficient crowd monitoring and route analysis means to improve operational efficiency, tap commercial potential; Factory: need to achieve intelligent storage management, production process tracking, personnel location attendance, automatic tracking of goods, automatic inspection, to achieve cost reduction and efficiency.

However, UWB indoor positioning is still flawed, the drawback of UWB is the need to have a perfect positioning network, and at any positioning point requires the support of three positioning base stations, uWB location algorithm is based on three-point location, if the number of base stations reduced will greatly affect the accuracy of location. Secondly, the drawback of UWB is that it can not have obstacles blocking radio transmissions, and small obstacles do not have an impact because radio diffraction, but if complete shielding is involved, it can result in the receiving of a location base station, thus, the positioning accuracy is greatly reduced.

With the improvement of the maturity of various digital technologies, UWB, as the preferred positioning technology of high precision positioning system, has the advantage of 10cm accuracy through wireless carrier communication in indoor positioning, gradually develop the potential in application scenarios such as positioning and pointing. With its high precision and secure precision ranging capabilities, UWB can be used to determine the maximum 200m distance between peer devices with centimeter-level accuracy.

How to realize high precision positioning by UWB positioning technology

With its high precision and secure precision ranging capabilities, UWB can be used to determine the maximum 200m distance between peer devices with centimeter-level accuracy. UWB is especially suited for applications that require location, such as secure hands-free access control (car keys, cell phones or badges) , real-time indoor location (RTLS) , or for smart homes, smart factories, transportation, or healthcare.

UWB uses time of flight (TOF) to determine the distance between peers, and TOF to measure the propagation time of RF signals between transmitter and receiver. This time measurement is multiplied by the speed of light to determine the distance with high accuracy, uWB offers greater accuracy and security than other techniques that rely on measuring signal strength to estimate distance.

iSmarch UWB watch UWB tracker (10)
iSmarch UWB watch UWB tracker (4)

Why Choose UWB Technology for High Accuracy Positioning System?

1. Safety:

Technologies such as Bluetooth or RFID rely on signal strength measurements to assess distance and are vulnerable to other signals. Instead, UWB relies on nanosecond non-sinusoidal narrow pulses to transmit data, and its range measurement is not based on signal strength, but time. Thus, it is more secure in signal reception and can provide additional security such as encryption.

2. Accuracy:

UWB can achieve positioning accuracy of more than 10 cm, and unlike other transmission technologies that also provide positioning, UWB uses a very wide channel width from 500 MHz to more than 1 GHz, and very short pulses (< 2ns) .

Bluetooth, by contrast, uses a 1 MHz channel width and Wi-Fi up to 160 MHz, with a large channel width and short pulses that insulate the technology from narrow-band signal multipath effects.

Thus, even in environments with reflective or refracting interference sources, it can provide high accuracy and make it a great technology for deployment in residential or industrial environments.

iSmarch developed a localization system based on UWB high precision localization technology. Practice high-precision location services, enabling location IOT domain, multi-domain to provide one-stop location iot solutions

iSmarch UWB watch UWB tracker (5)
Smarch UWB watch UWB tracker (17)

iSmarch UWB watch & UWB tracker

With the development and popularization of UWB technology, UW starts more and more widely used in various fields. There are a number of UWB tags, such as: UWB badge, UWB tracker, UWB watch, UWB asset, UWB safty helmet. Based on market analysis, UWB watch and UWB tracker for workers is increasing, and not only for positioning but also need  vital sign monitoring like heart rate, spo2 and step counting ect…

iSmarch UWB watch UWB tracker (7)

J3 UWB Watch

J3 UWB Watch Newest GEN in 2022. Nordic52840 CPU for ultra-low power comsuption, biggest battery compare to all other UWB Watch 650Mah. Support 10-30 days working time after fully charging. UWB GPS CATM, vital sign monitoring like heart rate, spo2, body temperature. 

Smarch UWB watch UWB tracker (17)

SH09U UWB Tracker

SH09U-UWB +HeartRate+Blood Oxygen+Body Temprature SmartBracelet. UWB support D1000. UWB + Bluetooth support UWB and Bluetooth beacon indoor positioning for highest accuracy, free to work with Bluetooth or UWB gateway.

iSmarch LoRaWAN wearable device (4)

J6 UWB & LoRa Watch

J6 UWB+Bluetooth+LoRaAN Watch that launch in 2022. Widely used in industrial factory, Arm, worker healthcare monitoring.

TX social distance badge 1 (5)
TX UWB Badge Tag

RFID+UWB+Bluetooth UWB or LoRa Tag for different IoT application. UWB positioning accuracy is 5-30centimeter, the best accuracy indoor locating.

What is the advantages of iSmarch UWB watch  & UWB tracker?


Developed from IEEE 802.15.4a, iSmarch has long studied UWB in the past. Our proprietary technologies include Mesh networking, downlink TDOA, Edge Computing, and two-way communication:

UWB Gateway Cost: UWB base station independent research and development and production, with high cost-effective, in the peer at the top level;

Navigation support: support navigation function, applicable to a wider range of applications, many UWB does not support navigation;

Collision avoidance delay: < 100ms while other is > 1s

Two-way communication ability: have two-way communication function, support two-way communication and send messages

Single area capacity: high single area capacity, compared to other counterparts are low high area capacity

Motion perception (km/h) : Ismarch is 90km/H while other is 30km/h

Overall, iSmarch UWB base stations are low cost, support navigation, low latency, large capacity, two-way communication, and support for high-speed positioning

Service Capacity Single Network/Server Support label number up to 10K or more

Location mode: exclusive support for indoor real-time navigation and real-time location trigger field control

Two-way communication: support for mobile Internet of Things Lom

iSmarch UWB Applications - Factory

Application background: Industrial & factory

Modern manufacturing plant area, the number of personnel, materials and equipment continue to increase, with the development of industrial information technology, large Manufacturing Enterprises on the personnel, vehicles, materials management requirements more and more detailed.

iSmarch Solutions

“iSmarch-factory high precision positioning management system” uses UWB indoor positioning technology, through the installation of location in the plant base

Station, for personnel or equipment wear positioning label form, to achieve accurate real-time positioning of personnel. Can realize personnel, vehicles, materials

Real-time positioning, work attendance, electronic fence, historical track playback, patrol inspection, Material Inventory, path planning, three-dimensional display

And so on, as well as realizes the multi-card fusion, the video surveillance linkage and so on function, and may carry on the emergency rescue in time under the special situation, enhances the work. Overall production efficiency and management level.

System function:

Personnel real-time monitoring, find the location of personnel, camera linkage, not according to the prescribed route alarm

Material and equipment real-time monitoring, find the location of equipment, activity track playback, stay alarm

Automatic attendance, report to the police when entering the forbidden area, report to the police when the area being visited is abnormal, multi-card fusion (one card pass/RFID, etc.)

Statistics, analysis, other..

iSmarch UWB Application Factory

iSmarch UWB Applications -Tunnels, mines, underground rail transit

Application Background

The construction environment of tunnel, Mine and underground rail transit is hard and harsh, the accidents are frequent, the management is complex, the tunnel construction and transportation

Enterprises are faced with great management problems and need an efficient and accurate personnel safety management system.


“iSmarch-tunnel/mine high-precision positioning management system” uses UWB indoor positioning technology through the tunnel area

In order to realize the accurate and real-time positioning of the personnel, a positioning base station is installed in the center. To be able to hold it at any time

The position of the operator in the tunnel, the track of the operator and the distribution of the operator in different areas of the tunnel, and the operator can enter the tunnel in time under special circumstances

To carry out emergency rescue, improve the overall production efficiency and management level of the factory, to ensure the safety of personnel.

System function

Personnel real-time monitoring and searching, material real-time monitoring and searching, camera linkage, into the restricted area alarm

Special Operation Management, work personnel automatic attendance, emergency alarm, activity trace playback

Dynamic Roll Call, automatic attendance, emergency rescue, emergency call for help

iSmarch UWB Application Mining

iSmarch UWB Applications - Construction

Application Background

In large-scale construction sites, personnel, materials, vehicles, machinery quantities, types, complex scheduling, material management difficulties, pre-

It is difficult to prevent safety accidents.


“iSmarch — high precision positioning management system of construction site” adopts UWB positioning technology, and adopts UWB positioning technology in construction site according to

Positioning base station, for Personnel/equipment wear positioning label card form, to achieve the accurate management of personnel, materials. System positioning

Accuracy up to 0.1 M, provide electronic fence function, personnel into the dangerous area or close to the vehicle immediately warning, protect

Ensure the safety of construction personnel and prevent the occurrence of accidents. At the same time the system background provides real-time positioning, work attendance, track playback,

patrol inspection, Material Inventory, path planning, three-dimensional display, as well as multi-card fusion, video monitoring linkage and other functions, and can

Assist in emergency rescue under special circumstances to improve the overall work efficiency and management level of the construction site.

System function

Real-time monitoring of personnel, personnel across the border alarm, camera linkage, running track playback

Enter the restricted area to call the police, personnel find location, automatic attendance, stay to call the police

Personnel Automatic Roll Call, multi-card fusion, data statistics, analysis, other..


iSmarch UWB Application Construction

iSmarch UWB Applications - Port & Pier

Application Background

Modern ports are generally large in scale, large in number of containers, and large in quantity of goods entering and leaving the port every day

Management and inconvenience of implementing a full range of risk management problems.


“iSmarch-port high precision positioning management system” uses UWB indoor positioning technology, through the port/terminal area security

Installation of positioning base station, for personnel and equipment wearing the form of positioning labels, to achieve accurate real-time positioning of personnel, the accuracy of up to 0.1 meters,

real-time access to the precise location of personnel and equipment in the port area helps to improve the management of personnel and equipment and reduce the number of staff

Staff “three violations” caused by the hidden danger of safety, improve the level of management, increase enterprise efficiency.

System function

Real-time monitoring of personnel and vehicles, running track playback, camera linkage, real-time location of personnel and vehicles

History running track playback, stay alarm, abnormal static alarm, multi-card fusion

Not according to the prescribed route driving alarm, not according to the prescribed time in place alarm, the vehicle did not according to the prescribed parking alarm

Automatic inspection, data statistics, analysis, other.


iSmarch UWB Application Port

iSmarch UWB Applications -Prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, mental hospitals

Application Background

In the prison, the supervisor can not grasp the position of the prisoner in the prison in real time and accurately, there is the possibility of the blind area of supervision, there is illegality

Gathering, fighting, escaping from prison, etc. . As the judiciary has invested more and more in the development of information technology in prisons, prisons around the world

Management departments pay more and more attention to the information construction project of “intelligent justice” and “Intelligent Prison”, hoping to build modern intelligence

Prison, reduce or avoid prison incidents.


“iSmarch-prison high-precision positioning management system” using UWB indoor positioning technology, through the security in the prison area

Installation of positioning base station, for prisoners and prison guards wear the form of positioning labels, to achieve accurate and real-time positioning of personnel. To be able to control people at any time

The location of the staff in the prison, the track of their activities and the distribution of the staff in the various regions of the prison, etc.

From the supervision and alarm and other video linkage function, change the passive supervision to active supervision. The system supports round-the-clock dynamic roll call. Right

Inmates carry out 24-hour position monitoring and tracking to make prison management more intelligent.

System function

Personnel real-time monitoring, illegal gathering alarm, camera linkage, emergency call for help

Off-guard alarm, activity trace playback, unauthorized off-site alarm, multi-surveillance

Personnel search location, restricted area intrusion alarm, automatic ward rounds roll call, heart rate, pulse, blood oxygen detection

Abnormal static alarm, violence demolition alarm, data statistics, analysis, other..

iSmarch UWB Application Prison

iSmarch UWB Applications - Hospitals, rehabilitation centers

Application Background

At present, many hospitals have a great improvement in the degree of information, but management needs to be more intelligent and humane. Like not having real-time access

Patients and medical staff in the hospital location, important medical equipment and drugs can not be unified monitoring and management, patients are not in the ward and sudden illness

Time can not be timely treatment, effective management of newborn babies, patients without permission to leave the hospital, and so on.


“iSmarch-hospital high precision positioning management system” uses UWB indoor positioning technology, through the installation of positioning base in the hospital area

Station, for medical staff and patients wear the form of positioning labels, to achieve accurate real-time positioning of personnel, the accuracy of up to 0.1 meters. Management personnel

To be able to keep track of the position of medical staff and patients in the hospital, the track of activities and the distribution of personnel in various regions of the hospital;

Can be important in the hospital equipment and medicine on the installation of positioning labels, the real-time positioning of materials. The background monitoring and data analysis system

The position information of personnel and materials in the hospital will be accurately fed back to the management to improve the nursing staff, visitors and inpatients

In order to analyze the accuracy and scientificity, improve the hospital safety and management efficiency.

System function

Personnel real-time monitoring, important drug monitoring, camera linkage, medical equipment location monitoring find

Patient position real-time search, history track playback, baby anti-lost anti-theft, baby anti-hold wrong malicious swap

Medical staff automatic attendance, enter the restricted area alarm, beyond the specified area alarm, materials storage, inventory, statistics

Pulse, heart rate, blood oxygen detection, emergency escape rescue (fire, earthquake, etc.) multi-card fusion (access card/card/RFID, etc.)

In other.

iSmarch UWB Application Hospital

iSmarch UWB Applications - Smart Campus

Application Background

Because of their own characteristics, minors sometimes play truant, hide, do not follow the rules, bullying or other disciplinary violations,

need the school authority to adopt more intellectualization, the humanization method to carry on the management.


“iSmarch-campus high-precision positioning management system” through the installation of positioning base stations in the campus, and students wear positioning

Tags (bracelets or other products) are the way students are accurately positioned and managed. Can be done automatically when a student enters the campus

Attendance check-in; real-time monitoring whether the students in each time period in accordance with school regulations to study, activities; can set an electronic fence,

the student breaks away from the rule or enters other area backstage automatic alarm; may set the crowd alarm, the abnormal gathering may prompt the administrative personnel to pass

Have video linkage or get to the scene in time to check the situation.

System function

Automatic attendance check-in, student location real-time monitoring, camera linkage, not according to the regulation activities alarm

Student location check, electronic fence alarm, activity trace playback, emergency call for help

Dynamic roll call, abnormal aggregation alarm, pulse and heart rate detection, examination room emergency response

Examination personnel monitoring, emergency rescue (fire, earthquake, etc.) multi-card fusion (one card/RFID, etc.)

Statistics, analysis, other.

iSmarch UWB Application Campus

iSmarch UWB Applications - Nursing Home

Application Background

The mobility of the elderly there are many inconvenience, daily life is prone to accidents. In the event of an accident to an old person

To find the location of the elderly in the shortest possible time, to carry out rescue. Therefore, it is necessary to use an intelligent way to monitor the position of the elderly in real time,

in the event of an accident, the elderly can issue an emergency call for help, can also monitor the elderly heart rate, pulse and other physical conditions, all-round protection

The health of the disabled old people reduces the pressure of the nursing staff.


“iSmarch-high-precision positioning management system for the pension industry” uses UWB indoor positioning technology, through the care of the person

The utility model is equipped with a positioning label and wirelessly connected with a positioning base station installed in a nursing home to realize the precise positioning of the ward. Management

The person can set up the electronic fence, the ward leaves the specified area or exceeds the specified time, the backstage will trigger the alarm. The old man is here

In the event of an accident, the emergency button can be sent to the management of the distress signal, the management can be timely help to the elderly

Information and exact location for emergency assistance. At the same time, the bracelet-type positioning tag can remotely monitor the elderly heart rate, pulse, blood oxygen

Indicators and other functions, all-round protection of the elderly health.

System function

Real-time surveillance, emergency calls, camera feeds, motion replays

Real-time location of personnel, heart rate, pulse, blood oxygen detection, alarm outside the set area, not according to the provisions of the alarm sleep

Dynamic Roll Call, real-time personnel status query, abnormal static alarm, abnormal stay alarm

iSmarch UWB Application Nursing home

iSmarch UWB Applications - Key visitor management (public security law, state organs)

Application Background

The number of visitors to the headquarters of some key government departments and enterprises is increasing day by day

Formula, has obviously not been able to adapt to the current situation of safety management needs. With the development of smart cities and smart buildings everywhere,

with the development of cloud computing, Internet of things and other technologies, the demand for intelligent management of unit visitors is also increasing.


“iSmarch-key unit visitors high-precision positioning management system” using UWB positioning technology, through the building within the cloth

Set up base station, wear location card for visitors, accurate location information of personnel feedback to the building control room, can

To achieve real-time location of personnel, path planning, personnel trajectory analysis, camera linkage, multi-card fusion and other functions. System determination

Bit accuracy up to 0.1 m, improve the accuracy of real-time monitoring of visitors and scientific analysis of behavioral data to enable building management

A smarter, more human way of doing things.

System function

Real-time monitoring of personnel, real-time location of personnel, camera linkage, stay alert

Automatic visitor roll call, enter the restricted area alarm, historical activity trace playback, the area visited abnormal alarm

Warning of failure to follow prescribed route, warning of access restriction, statistics, other..

iSmarch UWB Application Goverment

iSmarch UWB Applications - Warehousing, & Logistics

Application Background

In warehousing and logistics enterprises, there are many kinds of personnel, vehicles and materials, complicated dispatching, difficult to find materials, resulting in labor costs

High, low efficiency. And if something goes wrong, managers won’t be able to get accurate information in time.


“iSmarch-warehousing/logistics high-precision positioning management system” uses UWB indoor positioning technology by installing in the warehouse

The positioning base station is equipped with positioning tags on people, vehicles, assets and tools to display the position information of people, vehicles and objects accurately

In the logistics warehouse control center, the accuracy can reach 0.1 meters, to achieve personnel, vehicles, assets, tools, production of fine management, fine

Manage and control warehouse, arrange reasonably and improve the management level of intelligent logistics.

System function

Personnel real-time monitoring, searching, material storage management, camera linkage, moving track playback

Material, equipment real-time monitoring, electronic fence alarm, material inventory, material out of the warehouse statistics

Automatic attendance, dynamic roll call, history query, multi-card integration (one card or other)

Big data analytics, other..

iSmarch UWB Application Logistic

Want UWB Ranging Smartwatches?

If you are in the market for a UWB (Ultra Wideband) ranging smartwatch capable of calculating distances between people and people or people and various properties, then our standard UWB ranging smartwatch is the ideal choice for you. Notably, it offers the convenience of not requiring any additional setup or configuration with other related devices like UWB engines or platforms used specifically for positioning purposes. For a more comprehensive overview and demonstration, please watch the video linked here for detailed information.

Smarch UWB watch UWB tracker (3)
iSmarch UWB watch UWB tracker (7)

Why Choose iSmarch UWB Tracker & UWB Watch?

iSmarch is a leading IoT professional smart wearable device manufacturer since 2014, UWB we already have 500+ different application use our smartwatch device to do high accuracy positioning. Not only for smartwatch, we also could do OEM & ODM for different style of device like ID card, armband, UWB tracker ect.. We also could do ODM ID design based on your request. What’s more, we provide high accuracy vital sign monitoring like heart rate, spo2, HRV, ECG, body temperature.

Precision Indoor positioning system research and development and manufacturers, with a complete, independent intellectual property rights of the centimeter-level high-precision positioning technology, products and programs. Rich base stations and

TAG types can match different application scenarios, the cloud or local flexible deployment of “people-places-services” interactive platform hub, presenting the true value of each data.

Consult Your iSmarch UWB Tracker Watch Expert

We will study your smart watch customization requests within 12hours and provide the most suitable item on-budget.