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Marketing Support

iSmarch will support our partner with unique product, full certification. Also each product marketing promotion material.

Patents & Certification Authorization

In order to ensure the uniqueness of our parterns in the market, all of our products are registered with appearance patents and worlwide complete certificates and reports. iSmarch as a leading smart watch manufacturer will give authorization to our parnters.

1.Outlook Patent

2.UI Patent

3.Product Copyright

4.Function Patent 

5.Europe Registeration Patent

Our Patent & certification

Worldwide Certification & Test Report

1.CE for Europe, Australia, Asia ect.

2. FCC for North America market

3. RoHs eco-friendly to enviroment

4.MSDS saftety available for all countries

5. KC for Korea market

All certification 3

Marketing Material

3D Rendering

Not only actual product photo, we provide our partern high quality 3D rendering to better product promotion.

Product Banner

We also provide our paterner with standard banners for convinient promotion. For customized banner please contact us.

Product Video

Product video is the best way to introduce a product, we will provide you the hot selling item video for your promtion.

Consult Your iSmarch Smart Watch & Smart Band Personal Manager

We will study your smartwatch & smart band customization requests within 12hours and provide the most suitable item on-budget.