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iSmarch Product Center

iSmarch produce a variety of IoT smart wearables with a focus on industry-grade smartwatches tailored for organizational use rather than end consumers. Our product line includes health management wearables with features like ECG, PPG, stress and emotional tracking, and large storage capacities, as well as specialized bands for children in educational settings. We also offer products for smart campuses and medical applications, with capabilities such as dynamic heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level measurement, and Bluetooth gateway integration for indoor positioning and data transmission. Furthermore, we provide solutions for smart factories and military applications with indoor and outdoor positioning technology.

Our advantages lie in the technical services we offer, including raw data provision without analysis, which allows for flexibility in how the data is used. We also have various communication methods such as Bluetooth 5.2, LORA, and NFC, among others, and we can provide bespoke solutions like anti-demolition watches for secure facilities.

These products are suitable for various environments, including schools, healthcare institutions, industrial sites, and any other setting where health monitoring, location tracking, or environmental sensing is beneficial. We also have a strong technical infrastructure with a range of IoT solutions such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi gateways, providing a comprehensive system for data collection and analysis, which enhances their appeal to companies needing sophisticated monitoring and tracking capabilities

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