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JYCS001-LORA Wearable – Customized Connectivity for Specialized Applications

Introducing the JYCS001-LORA, a wearable device expertly designed for custom applications in complex environments. With its specialized LORA connectivity tailored for the 470 MHz domestic frequency band, this device offers reliable communication and tracking for a diverse range of industry-specific requirements.

🎉 APP SDK Available

🎉 Obtain PPG and G-sensor’s Raw Data

🎉 Open Device with J link Available

🎉 Customizable for Adding New Sensors

🎉 UI & Firmware Customizable 

JYCS001-LORA Wearable – Customized Connectivity for Specialized Applications

Key Features

Specialized LORA Connectivity

  • 470 MHz Frequency Band: Optimized for domestic frequency ranges, providing stable and secure connections.
  • Long-Distance Coverage: Leverages LORA technology for extended communication reach without sacrificing battery life.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

  • Bespoke Configuration: Developed for unique customer requirements, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.
  • Flexible Design: Adaptable to various use cases, from logistics tracking to personnel management.

Robust and Reliable

  • Industrial-Strength Build: Crafted to perform in demanding conditions, meeting the needs of industrial applications.
  • Extended Operational Life: Designed for longevity with a battery that supports long-term field operations.

Technical Specifications

  • Connectivity: Customized LORA support for the 470 MHz domestic frequency band.
  • Design: Tailored to withstand industrial usage, with a focus on durability and long-lasting performance.


  • Industrial Automation: Ideal for manufacturing, warehousing, and supply chain monitoring.
  • Smart Agriculture: Provides critical data for precision farming and livestock management.

Customization and Support

  • Made-to-Order: Devices are configured to meet the precise demands of your industry.
  • Comprehensive Support: Full-service support from our team of experts, from deployment to maintenance.

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