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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

What’s a Beacon?

  • Beacons are small devices that emit signals using Bluetooth (BLE) technology
  • Effective range from a few tens of centimeters to a few meters, the battery can be used for 3 years
  • The signal is one-way and can only send small amounts of data, such as a 128-bit ID
  • Smartphones are often used as receivers

Beacon manufacturer usually provide hardware design, software development and pair with cloud platform. If you want to buy beacons in bulk and apply to your specific application scenario,  I am sure this article will give you a quick overview of the latest beacon technology and the beacons factory list. 

Beacon maufacturers (15)

2. Indoor Proximity Solution Comparison with BLE Beacon solution

2.1 UWB VS BLE Beacon

Ble beacons can be used wirelessly for indoor location, to pinpoint the user’s location, but not precisely. And (UWB) provides a high-precision solution with centimeter-level precision.

Beacons are cheap, but can be cumbersome to install and maintain, and can be weakened by blocking signals in the physical space. Smartphones are a little slow to respond to beacons, so they may need 3-6 seconds to detect beacons in range. UWB needs to be installed in UWB base stations are also more complicated, but maintenance will be simpler and much more expensive than beacon.

So if you want a low-precision, low-cost solution, then beacon is a good choice. But when ultra-high precision UWB crypto dog is needed, UWB high-precision positioning is the best solution.

2.2 WIFI VS BLE Beacon

Bluetooth beacons provide indoor positioning accuracy of +/-1m. In retail, for example, Bluetooth allows you to distinguish between people who look at suits and people who look at swimsuits, which completely changes the way you interact with them.

Due to the high power level of the WI-FI signal and the distribution of the wi-fi access points, very little good accuracy can be obtained from the wi-fi access points. Even in the best case, the accuracy can not exceed +/-10m, usually closer to +/-15m

Wifi is more power hungry, Bluetooth is easier to install, and Wifi is more complicated to maintain than Bluetooth

2.3 LTE-M/NB IOT VS BLE Beacon

Data is uploaded to the platform via cellular networks, and there are some that require real time data uploads, such as cold chain shipping. You need to upload data to the platform at all times, so you can monitor what’s causing the problem. Bluetooth is different

2.4 Lora VS BLE Beacon

Lora is based on a number of scenarios that already have LoRa signal layout, suitable for Lora more common in Europe, because there are LoR networks, so it will be more convenient. Lora has low power consumption and low bit rate, so there is very little data that can be sent. Lora is suitable for low speed transmission over medium and long distance

In general, many real-world IoT applications are now integrating multiple technologies to meet the needs of real-world scenarios, looking for more efficient, cost-effective deployment methods.

3. What Kind of Beacons Do You Have?

We have different kinds of Beacons for different application. Such as UWB, Bluetooth tracker, Bluetooth beacon, LoRa, LTE. We also support OEM & ODM customization based on your needs.

TX social distance badge 1 (5)
  • ID Card Beacon
  • Chip: RFID chip
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Beacon function available
  • Battery: recharable battery
  • Charging time: 1 hour
  • Distance: high accuracy within 10cm
Q1-5 smart band black
  • Wristband Beacons
  • Chip: Nordic chip
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Beacon function available
  • Battery: recharable battery
  • Charging time: 2hours
  • Distance: 40meters
X3plus-hto2-1 (2)
  • Bluetooth Beacon Smartwatch
  • Chip: Nordic chip
  • Material: Plastic + metal + silicone
  • Beacon function available
  • Battery: recharable battery
  • Working time: 10-30days
  • Charging time: 2.5hours
  • SOS button for emergency help
  • Fall detection alarm and reminder
  • Distance: 40meters
W5-hto2 smart band 1 (4)
  • Bluetooth Beacon Bracelet
  • Chip: Nordic chip
  • Material: Plastic + metal + silicone
  • Beacon function available
  • Battery: recharable battery
  • Working time: 10-30days
  • Charging time: 2.5hours
  • SOS button for emergency help
  • Fall detection alarm and reminder
  • Distance: 40meters

4. Bluetooth Beacon Market Trend & Application

4.1 Market capacity and forecasts:

Beacons are generally classified according to the application scenario, which determines the beacons’ requirements, and then determines which beacons should be chosen most appropriately:

Common applications: Proximity Marketing, asset tracking, indoor location, and navigation, and vertical industries (retail, health care, tourism, automotive, health management, construction, schools, hospitals, etc.)

4.2 Beacon Global Opportunities Analysis and industry forecasts

The global market for BLE beacons is growing significantly in size and is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Ble beacons refer to low power and low cost bluetooth beacons and solutions. It is more suitable for short-distance and rapid transmission of wireless communication systems. Ble beacons are used in closed indoor environments, where beacons are more accurate, cheaper, and consume less power than GPS, so beacons are a common piece of hardware.

As beacon technology continues to evolve, the Internet of things industry needs more and more of it, for example, this is driving the growth of the market. In addition, retail stores such as supermarkets, discount stores, department stores and hypermarkets have seen a significant increase in beacon in retail stores as a result of a more sophisticated analysis of buyers’behavior and trajectories.

Of course, many businesses and consumers know little about beacons, so this is an incremental market. In addition, BLE beacons are beginning to be widely used in industrial lighting and digital advertising.

Beacon maufacturers (2)
Beacon maufacturers (7)
4.3 Wireless services drive market growth

Ble beacons are a new type of wireless transmitter that can be shared with other short-range users by means of promotional videos, pictures, etc. . Smart devices such as ipads and mobile phones for short distances. Beacons can transmit data over Bluetooth low energy, and can also, store data without needing to connect to a network.

4.4 Usage in automotive and industrial applications has skyrocketed

The industry is slowly moving from traditional solutions such as Wi-Fi and RFID to integrated BLE Beacon Solutions. Based on Wifi and RFID in traditional industries such as health care and logistics warehouse areas more applications. Ble beacon-based IoT solutions play an important role in the vertical areas of different application scenarios such as indoor navigation and positioning, plant safety management, asset management, nursing homes, intelligent campuses, etc. .

Beacon maufacturers (17)
Beacon maufacturers (1)

5. Top 10 beacon manufacturer & supplier

If you wanna buy bulk Bluetooth beacons directly from the direct factory or brand, below are the company list for your choice:

Estimote Inc
Estimote Inc

Estimote founded in in 2021 and based in San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. IOT provides close-positioning solutions designed to improve production and communication efficiency, as well as to ensure the safety of personnel, can be widely used in various fields. Estimote offers a variety of colorful, unique hardware looks, such as BLE beacons, UWB, LTE-M/NB IOT hardware.

In addition to the hardware, there are various software sdks and IoT platform customizations, as well as a very complete Beacon production and solution provider.


Kontakt offers a variety of IoT solutions for companies, including BLE beacons sensors BLE Tags BLE wearables, and gateway also offers cloud apis to connect directly to customers. Widely used in intelligent health care, intelligent buildings, designed to better connect people and things, to improve productivity and efficiency. Implement iotwith the latest and simplest technology.

Kontakt is the worldwide leader in Bluetooth-based IoT devices and indoor location solutions that connect people, locations, and things. .

Accent systems
Accent Systems

Accent Systems, a spanish-based company, is a company that provides the latest technology and product services to users on an ongoing basis, with the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the application scenario. Hardware products include Bluetooth Beacon, smart wear, sensor, locator, Gateway and other products.

Contact tracing has also been tailored to the smart bracelet to give a number of scenarios, such as schools and other more crowded public places. It covers a wide range of areas, including asset management, personnel safety, warehouse management, intelligent factory, etc.


Bluvision was acquired by HID Global, Bluvision Inc. . Is leading innovation company in IoT sensor and cloud technology to solve complex business problems at Scalea:. Bluevision’s Bluetooth beacon technology and solutions helps a lot in asset management, logistical management.

The kit, which provides hardware including beacon gateway locators, still works on the more important Bluetooth connection part of HID Global.

UFO Beacons

UFO beacons and other bluetooth devices are produced by  Kartographers Technologies Pvt. Ltd. They also offer customized beacon solutions and can design and develop beacons as per your requirements. A factory based in India.

The product range covers BADGE – ID CARD TAGS, PROXIMITY BEACON. They also provide SDK for your own development.


BlueCats is a professional solution provider for Real Time Location System for over 10 years, and aim for improve productivity and worker safty. Bluetooth beacons and UWB device are the main products they provide for their target application.

BlueCats’vision is to provide digital awareness to every business on the planet.

Pointr tech

Pointr head office is in UK, also have branches in US, UAE and Turkey, the main product ranges are Bluetooth low energy beacons, BLE tags, gateways ect… All product designed in UK. Pointr provide solution for indoor positioning, indoor navigation, indoor maping, asset tracking ect…

In the meantime, also provide SDK and API to do App and platform integration.


Gimbal is focus on preminum Bluetooth low energy beacon and proximity beacons, and the beacons can used for indoor and outdoor. Gimbal provide 2 different sales channels, one is for retial online store based on their brand. Another one is focus on business customers, provide beacons hardware device, App, SDK and API to build up IoT platform.

iSmarch Logo yellow

iSmarch is a leading IoT device company in China since 2013, we dedicate to BLE beacons, smartwatch, smart bracelet, fitness tracker and other smart devices manufacturing and development. We are a 100% factory from ID design, PCBA board design, software development, firmware and hardware development argrithim engineering ect… We mainly focus on OEM & ODM project for special vertifical application, such as healthcare, smart logitistic, smart warehouse, smart factory, smart campus, smart construction ect…

iSmarch all R&D team, manufacturing workers, sales team, QC management, raw material purchasing team ect… are in the same plant, this makes us high efficency and always provide us customer professional reply within 12 hours.

iSmarch already support support 700+ IoT different application in past 9 years, so our smart devices can be exact same like what you need, saving time to do more development. If you are looking for a high accuracy solution, I am sure iSmarch is your best choice for you.

6. Why iSmarch is your reliable Beacon manufaturer & supplier as IoT one stop solution provider?

6.1 A complete range of products for customers to choose from:

We have not only beacons but also intelligent wearables for IoT scenarios such as smartwatches, wristbands, headsets, ID badges and gateway. If you want to do a POC, our standards can quickly match your requirements. Save your communication time, your development costs, find us to provide a complete set of solutions

R8 smartwatch for lady1
6.2 OEM & ODM capability

We have 50 + years dedicated to the development and production of IoT smart devices, you just give us a simple sketch and we can help you design ID, 3D design and internal design, to abrasive production housings. In addition to the hardware, our team has years of software, firmware, and algorithmic engineers who can match your needs for different projects, such as a large storage solution that requires 4GB for R & D? Need a high-precision PPG to read vital signs? Need High Precision Indoor positioning UWB solution? We can all match your needs.

Of course, you can create your UI firmware using our standard product plus your logo, which can also be your product. We also welcome the white-label solution

6.3 IoT application rich experience

We have spent the last nine years focused on providing solutions in the IOT space, and our footprint covers just about any IoT space. So you can quickly match your customer’s exact needs to find a solution to your problem. Looking for the most economical solution, the latest IoT technology. Because of such product design experience, so our product hardware design, software, firmware, algorithm matching can do better high-precision products

I7-hto2 smart band 1 (17)
6.4 Productive capacity

We have five separate production lines with an annual capacity of 3millionpcs including Beacon Gateway Smart wear products

A full ERP series management of raw materials, production, finished products, out of the warehouse, to ensure 100% systematization and regularization. Make sure customers receive a 100% OK product. Maintain stock, fast delivery of samples and small trial orders. Fast delivery time control in 20-30 days delivery.

7. Summary

The Internet of things is not yet universal, but you should know that many industries have had a huge impact due to the Internet of things. And beacon is a very important piece of hardware in the IoT space. The Internet of things is also being explored in greater depth in areas such as smart retailing, Smart Logistics, smart health care and smart buildings.

There’s no doubt that everyone knows that the Internet of things is going to get bigger and bigger, and that it’s going to get bigger and bigger. One important reason is that the internet of things can help industries generate new revenue. For example, the Internet of things can provide efficient business processes and can track enterprise devices in real time, and in a variety of high-precision sensor with the use of more data and information. IOT platforms can minimize energy costs and save maintenance time by analyzing these data. Real-time monitoring and management of production workshops and workplaces can also improve production efficiency, improve the efficiency of employees to enhance productivity.

Why more and more enterprises especially large factories want to improve the level of enterprise management through the Internet of things technology, such as large warehouse management. Warehouse and personnel management, which for large factories is one of the very large costs, but also a greater difficulty. Then you can easily manage assets and people by using advanced IOT systems. By quickly locating inventory locations and setting optimal routes, employees can communicate without their phones, hand out tasks via wristbands, and integrate perfectly with the IoT system. Would solve the problem perfectly.

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