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Smartwatch FAQs

Even smartwatch is widely used in different application scenarios, and it also takes some market share of a traditional watch. But for new business people, you may have more questions before you start to add a smartwatch into your product range.

Hope below smartwatch FAQs and answers could be helpful for you.

GPS Watch (2)


Without Bluetooth connection to your phone, the smartwatch can still be used as an independent watch to check the time, calories burned, counting steps, distance run, etc. There’s just no way to see more history and no way to get notifications from your cellphone.

The other is a cellular/LTE smartwatch that can be used independently without a phone. It can be connected to 2G, 3G, and 4G plug-in sim cards to use and can also receive and make calls, but the power consumption is relatively fast. You have to pay extra, and you have to insert a card just like a phone.

We have both. Check out our smartwatch models.


There are two ways to make and receive calls with the smartwatch. If it is a Bluetooth smartwatch, first download the App to your smartphone then connect. The mobile phone should not be too far away from the smartwatch, usually 1-10 meters, because of the distance limit of the Bluetooth signal.

The other has a cellular/LTE connection, which allows you to make and receive calls directly without a smartphone, but requires you to choose a smartwatch with a smart card and pay a monthly fee.

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Yes, you can.

Taking photos is one of the most common features of smartwatches, which means: taking pictures with your smartphone controlled by your smartwatch. Most smartwatches on the market have this feature.

And many kids’ smartwatches have HD cameras, but their power consumption is very quickly. You can take pictures independently with the smartwatch and keep them in your smartwatch.

Hypertension is one of the three common chronic diseases in human society. At present, smartwatches on the market claim to have blood pressure monitoring, but they are not accurate. And smartwatch gets blood pressure data by PPG optical monitoring.

Omron is said to have a wristband electronic blood pressure monitor, approved by the FDA, for $499. the watch is too big for everyone.

We have a blood pressure smartwatch similar to the Omron scheme. Please check our BP smartwatch.

Most smartwatches monitor heart rate using PPG technology, which typically projects green light onto the skin hundreds of times per second and captures the light’s reflections. Since more light is reflected between heartbeats, this is a good indicator of heart rate (with the help of algorithmic software). The hardware used for PPG is often referred to as an “optical heart rate monitor.”

If you are looking for high precision PPG heart rate, our X3Plus-HTO2 will be the best choice for you worldwide. We used it in medical care, hospital patient monitoring and got good feedback. At the same time, we are also developing the world’s highest precision ECG smartwatch, and please get in touch with us. 

Most smartwatches use a “3-axis accelerometer” to count steps. This is hardware found in most smartphones, though the quality and accuracy of acceleration vary among smartwatch providers. Also, some watches have a gyroscope to measure direction and an altimeter to measure height. If you are looking for accurate activity tracking, contact iSmarch for high precision Fitness Tracker

Data collected from these sensors can be combined with other information from health apps to generate some health statistics — such as calories burned.

Most smartwatches can now monitor sleep. Through sensors that measure exercise and cardiovascular data (heart rate, heart rate variability, etc.).When combined, the data can be used to determine how much sleep you have and how much time you have spent in each of the four sleep “stages.”

So smartwatches can not only monitor sleep duration but also sleep quality. There are smart health management companies that will analyze the data and give you periodic sleep reports to manage your sleep better.

Smartwatches measure pressure by collecting HRV data and combining it with algorithms. Stress is a mixture of physical and psychological symptoms.iSmarch’s smartwatch monitors stress levels and fatigue levels by monitoring HRV values, which could be used in heart rate health management applications.

Yes, there is.

We have a unique series of GPS sports smartwatches, including the compass, air pressure parameters, and other outdoor sports. Garmin specializes in GPS outdoor sports watches, and iSmarch can be your OEM ODM GPS outdoor sports smartwatch provider.

You can use GPS for outdoor navigation and a compass to guide you for outdoor sports like hiking.

Yes, you can.

Many smartwatches now play music on your Bluetooth headset. You can listen to your phone via Bluetooth or choose a smartwatch that can store songs like an MP3.

You can also choose our Smart Bracelet TWS, including a smartwatch and TWS headphones to listen to music.

In general, smartwatches are very safe. Most smartwatches are made of safe materials and soft enough to be worn on the wrist for a long time. Smartwatches can ensure our safety to a certain degree. We can make and receive calls through smartwatches and GPS positioning, which is especially important for the protection of the elderly and kids.

In addition, smartwatches can help monitor our health, keeping an eye on vital signs such as heart rate and blood oxygen.

So smartwatches are a fast-growing industry, and they continue to grow. Do you want to start a smartwatch wholesale business now? 

Yes, you can, and very easy.

Most smartwatches are free to change the strap, so you can keep your smartwatch clean and fresh for a long time. According to different occasions and clothes, you can choose different colors and styles of the strap, and very simple.

Generally, it can be used for 1-30 days after a full charge. This depends on how many monitoring modes the user has enabled and how often they use them.GPS and video calls are the most power-hungry.

It also depends on the battery capacity and CPU solution. iSmarch uses the most advanced CPU solution with ultra-low power consumption, and for example, our elderly care project can be used for more than 30 days after fully charging.

The smartwatch is rated IP67, meaning it is dustproof and can withstand up to 30 minutes of immersion in three feet of still water. That means washing your hands or on rainy days should be no problem. However, be sure to remove the watch before swimming or showering.

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