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LoRa & LoRaWAN Watch Solution

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Understanding LoRa LoRaWan Transmission

LoRa, or LoraWan, short for “Long Range”, is a patented digital wireless data communication technology. With its ability to communicate over longer distances with minimal power consumption, it has revolutionized various sectors, from agriculture to urban planning and healthcare. The magic behind LoRa’s efficiency lies in its use of spread spectrum modulation, which enhances signal resilience in noisy environments.

Typical Lora/LoraWan Wearables Application Flowchart

  • Data Collection: Devices, such as our J3 smartwatch, gather vital data, be it health parameters or location coordinates.

  • Transmission Over LoRa: Instead of relying on traditional means like Wi-Fi or cellular networks, the data is transmitted over LoRa or LoRaWan, which ensures stable transmission even in challenging environments.

  • Data Processing: Once the data reaches its intended destination, typically a central server or cloud, it undergoes processing. Algorithms and analytic tools can then derive meaningful insights from this data.

  • Feedback & Action: Post-processing, the insights can be used for various applications, like alerting healthcare professionals about a patient’s deteriorating health or tracking assets in large industrial settings.

When it comes to the application of LoRa technology, our J3 smartwatch stands out. Harnessing the power of LoRa, combined with GPS and Bluetooth functionalities, J3 becomes a multi-functional device that’s ideal for a plethora of scenarios, from patient health monitoring in hospitals to tracking assets in large warehouses.

Lora Smartwatch Flowchart
iSmarch LoRaWAN wearable device (4)

Benefits of LoRa Smartwatch

Long-Range, Low-Power Transmission

One of the standout advantages of LoRa smartwatches like the J3 is the ability to transmit data over long distances without consuming excessive power. This not only ensures extended battery life but also guarantees consistent data delivery over expansive areas.

Adaptability to Various Environments & Scenarios

Whether it's a bustling urban setting or a remote agricultural farm, the versatility of LoRa technology allows it to function seamlessly. Its resilience in challenging environments ensures that it remains a top choice for diverse application scenarios.

Data Security & Real-time Transmission

Ensuring the security of user data is paramount. LoRa smartwatches prioritize secure data transmission protocols, reducing the risk of breaches. Additionally, the technology supports real-time data transmission, crucial for scenarios where immediate actions are based on the received data.

LoRa vs Bluetooth Transmission

Distance of Transmission

While Bluetooth is effective for short-range communications, typically within a room or a specific area, LoRa excels in long-range transmissions, capable of covering vast distances that can stretch across kilometers. This makes LoRa watches ideal for scenarios where data needs to be transmitted across expansive spaces.

Transmission Speed

Bluetooth has a clear advantage when it comes to data transfer speeds. It is designed for quick exchanges of data between devices in close proximity. In scenarios where high-speed data transfer is a necessity, such as file transfers or streaming audio, Bluetooth is more suitable. On the other hand, LoRa is optimized for longer range and lower power consumption, which often comes at the expense of transmission speed. It's best suited for applications where the amount of data is limited, but the range is crucial.

Power Consumption & Stability

Bluetooth, while efficient, often consumes more power during active transmission compared to LoRa. LoRa's low power consumption ensures longer device lifetimes between charges. In terms of stability, LoRa's ability to transmit in noisy and interference-prone environments gives it an edge, ensuring data integrity and reducing data loss.

Adaptability in Application Scenarios

Bluetooth has found its place in personal device connectivity like headphones, speakers, and short-range device pairing. LoRa and LoRaWan, on the other hand, fits into scenarios demanding long-range transmission, like remote monitoring, asset tracking, and in locations where other connectivity means are limited or inefficient.

Why LoRaWAN used in IoT application?


The internet of things will also extend to remote environments, because of the limited M2M transmission coverage in the new environment, it is inaccessible and will require a power connction. The open LPWA standards of LoraWAN and 3GPP (LTE Cat M1 and Cat NB1) provide a solution that supports these barriers to IoT connectivity. That’s why iSmarch has the advantage of producing a Lora Iot Watch?

Lora and Lorawan

Lorawan is a widely used LPWA communication standard that operates by using unlicensed radio waves in the ISM (industrial, scientific, medical) band at frequencies ranging from 900 mhz to 430 mhz (the exact frequencies vary from place to place). As a result of using unlicensed spectrum, companies are able to create their own private networks easily. Lorawan defines the networking protocol and the system architecture, and Lora describes the radio layer of the network. Lora is powered by Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS), which is energy-efficient and more powerful than traditional technologies. CSS has been used in military and space communications for decades due to its range and robustness, but Lora is the first commercial low-cost implementation of CSS.

Lora Network:

Lora Network has a star-shaped layout where hundreds or thousands of devices communicate both in and out with gateways to the core network, which ultimately goes to the Internet. Signals from a single sensor or device are received by all gateways within a range, which improves reliability and opens up possibilities for location services. The network uses a complex “adaptive data rate” algorithm to fine-tune the communication between each device and the gateway to minimize power consumption and maximize reliability.

What are the benefits of choosing Lorawan

Coverage with CSS and ADR, devices can communicate with up to 15 km of gateways in open areas and up to 5 km of gateways in cities, this means that a single gateway can cover 700 square kilometers of all the surrounding equipment. Coverage also extends indoors to the basement or below street service pipes.

1.Low power consumption and lifetime

Low power consumption and low peak current requirements for Lorawan data transmission and reception require low current (less than 50ma) , greatly reducing the power consumption of the device, which can last up to 10 years on a single charge, greatly reduced support and maintenance costs.

2.Save costs

Extensive coverage and relatively low gateway costs significantly reduce the cost of LoRaWAN network deployment. For devices, the price of a communications module is in the $10 range, and unlicensed spectrum means the cost of a connection is just $1 a year.

3.Location Based Services

Since signals from a specific device can be received by multiple gateways, the location of the device can be calculated based on the signal strength and/or signal arrival time of each base station, thus enabling network-based location services, can be used to track or geo-fence equipment.

4.Deep penetration

Lora radio modulation allows deep indoor penetration and increases the ability to reach sensors on water or gas meters located underground.

5.No frequency permission required

The LORAWAN network is deployed on the free ISM band (EU 868, AS 923, US 915 Mhz) and allows any service provider or company to deploy and operate the Lorawan network without having to obtain a licence for any frequency.

6.Quick build and commercial

The Lorawan Open Standards, combined with cost-free operating frequencies and low-cost base stations, enable operators to roll out networks with minimal investment in just a few months. Two Way communication full two way communication supports a variety of use cases that require both uplink and downlink: for example, street lighting, intelligent irrigation, energy optimization or Home automation.

7.One Stop Shop

The Lorawan Network supports a variety of vertical solutions that allow service providers to use a platform and standards to manage use cases such as smart buildings, precision agriculture, smart metrics, or smart cities.

The difference between Lorawan and 3GPP technology

For many requirements, LPWAN requires the lowest cost and the lowest power. In practice (about 20 messages per day) , Lorawan consumes five times more power than LTE CAT NB1. The peak current required has been reduced by 10 times — the equivalent of a reduction in the size of the battery by an order of magnitude — and its life has been extended by 10 years.

Another major difference between Lorawan and 3GPP is the use of unlicensed spectrum. Lorawan allows the easy deployment of “campus” networks (smart cities, smart buildings, smart airports, smart factories) with thousands of devices in a small area. The enterprise network can be completely under the control of the customer and the data is still encrypted end-to-end

Introducing iSmarch LoRa/LoRaWan J3 Square Smartwatch


The J3, equipped with the combination of the LoRaWan module, GPS, and BLE5.2 technologies, is the epitome of modern smartwatches tailored for IoT applications. It caters to a wide range of industries, with its impressive suite of health metrics and connectivity features.

Key Specifications


  • LoRa (868MHz & 915MHz ISM Band) ensures long-distance wireless transmission, up to 1km, with a low transfer speed characteristic of LoRa, ensuring reduced power consumption.
  • BLE5.2 for efficient short-range communication and AOA positioning.
  • GPS module guarantees high accuracy in both indoor and outdoor locations.
iSmarch LoRa watch 6.1
iSmarch LoRaWAN Smartwatch (9)

Health Monitoring

  • Comprehensive vital signs monitoring includes static and dynamic heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) via Photoplethysmography, body temperature, heart rate variability (HRV) at a 25Hz sampling rate, and even blood pressure monitoring (note: blood pressure reading should be used with caution).
  • Additional features like sleep monitoring, stress level assessment, fatigue monitoring, and a pedometer function.

Safety Features

The SOS function, triggered by a long press of a physical key, broadcasts an emergency signal to the base station, ensuring timely assistance in critical situations.

iSmarch LoRaWAN Smartwatch (7)


  • Powered by the NORDIC NRF52840 chipset in conjunction with the Semtech LORAWAN Module.
  • Showcases data on a 1.54-inch TFT screen with a 240*240 resolution.
  • 1MB FLASH storage, weighing a mere 40g without the strap.
  • A high-capacity 650mAh battery, offering continuous monitoring for up to a week (conditions apply).
  • Constructed with a durable plastic casing and a comfortable silicone strap.
iSmarch LoRaWAN Smartwatch (3)


The J3 can be tailored for various IoT applications, with options to customize aspects like the UI, storage capacity, and even the physical appearance (case and strap). The device can also be enhanced to support more sensors, including a 12-axis one.

Why J3 is Unique

  1. Dual Network Advantage: It combines the wide coverage of LoRaWAN with the speed and proximity benefits of Bluetooth.
  2. Vital Sign Mastery: The J3 doesn’t just report health metrics, it provides in-depth details with high accuracy, from blood oxygen levels to HRV.
  3. Versatile Location Tracking: Apart from GPS, it also supports BLE AOA locating. AOA measures the angle of arrival between the watch and a Bluetooth gateway, enabling precise location tracking.
  4. Extended Battery Life: Its 650mAh battery is one of the most robust in its class, ensuring the watch remains functional for longer periods.
iSmarch LoRaWAN wearable device (2)

iSmarch J3 LoRa Watch Specifications:

1. Heart rate, blood oxygen, body temperature, blood pressure, sleep, pacing, ECG, and other vital signs are monitored in real-time and can be uploaded to the background or App via the built-in Bluetooth, Lora, NB, UWB

2. The J3 has a built-in low-power GPS high-precision module and 3-axis acceleration (or 9-axis including gyroscopes, and magnetometers) for outdoor high-precision positioning, while the watch has a built-in BLE beacon for indoor positioning, of course, you have to install a Bluetooth base station to do that. This allows for high-precision indoor and outdoor positioning and perfectly combines Lorawan and Bluetooth low energy. Compared to 4G CAT1 cellar, it has lower power consumption and more secure network data

3. Lora Watch also supports physical buttons for SOS one-button calls and alarms, such as SOS for elderly people who fall, when close to a dangerous area

4. The J3 IoTwatch has an automated monitor that detects when people go to the workplace to see if they are fitted with a bracelet, such as when the wearer takes it off or puts it on, it is automatically reported to the platform or APP, thus preventing people from going on the job without wearing it, to realize the intelligent management of all staff.

5. The J3 can be customized for storage, the Bluetooth platform has a maximum memory of 16 MB, but we can develop a dual platform that can be used in some chronic disease management or telemedicine management scenarios, storage PPG GSESNOR data for storage and analysis.

6. Lora bracelet support background and App two-way down and confirmed messages, you can also set their own ID and name, two-way message delivery.

7. The watch band width is standard and can be changed freely in any color and band. Watch cases can also be customized in a variety of colors.

8. The watch also comes with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1, which allows you to freely connect to various Bluetooth devices, upload data from your wristband and other Bluetooth terminal apparatus to the background, or connect to your mobile APP and upload it to your mobile APP

Meet the JYCS001- The Customizable LoRaWan Round Shape Smartwatch for Next-Gen IoT Solutions


The JYCS001 smartwatch is where classic style meets smart technology. It’s designed for solution providers who want to deliver the latest in IoT capabilities to a global audience. With a sleek round face inspired by our J3 model, it’s as stylish as it is smart.

Key Specifications

Far-reaching LoRa Connection: The JYCS001’s LoRaWan technology means it stays connected over long distances, even in tough spots.

Smart Integration: This watch is a hub for all things IoT. It connects to various devices and manages them all smoothly.

Versatile Use Cases: It’s perfect for smart campuses, medical centers, or industrial sites, where staying connected is key.

Up-to-Date Over the Air: Keep the watch updated without fuss through OTA updates.

Energy-Saving Tech: Thanks to its low-power LoRaWan module, it goes for ages between charges.

Track Health Smartly: Not just for telling time, it monitors health stats and syncs with other health devices.

Built to Last: It’s tough enough for adventures but also fits right in at the office.

Alerts on Your Wrist: It delivers notifications from your IoT system promptly.

Customized for Your Clients:

Power-Efficient LoRa Module: Designed by us, it’s built for easy field deployment, making it a reliable choice for any provider.

Automatic Frequency Matching: It tunes itself to work with different LoRa gateways, simplifying setup and use.

Long Battery Life: It’s designed to last, which is great for deployment in remote areas.

Central to IoT Ecosystems: It’s made to work with all kinds of smart setups, from city systems to hospitals.

Fit for Any Industry: You can tailor it to track anything from employee safety to patient health.

Fully Open for Customization:

In-House LoRa Module: We’ve made our LoRa module with customization in mind. You get to decide how it works best for your solutions.

Open Platform: Both the LoRa module and the main MCU platform are open, ready for you to build upon.

OTA Updates Made Easy: With the NRF52832, update the LoRa part of the watch anytime, anywhere.

Dial in the Details: Whatever your industry needs, the JYCS001 can be programmed to meet it, offering precise and valuable services.

The JYCS001 is not just a new product; it’s a new opportunity for IoT solution providers. It promises connectivity and versatility in a sleek package, ready to push the boundaries of what smartwatches can do. Get the JYCS001 on your lineup and give your clients the future of wearable IoT technology.

Lora round shape watch

Presenting the JYCS001 The Ultimate Smartwatch for IoT Integration

The JYCS001 LoRaWan smartwatch is a blend of elegant design and technological prowess, tailor-made for solution providers who aim to harness the power of the Internet of Things. It boasts our proprietary LoRa module and a versatile NRF52840 main MCU platform, paving the way for extensive customization. With OTA update capabilities powered by the NRF52832 within the LoRa module, the JYCS001 promises a hassle-free, up-to-date experience.

Perfect for a broad range of applications — from health monitoring in clinics to logistical management in warehouses — this smartwatch isn’t just another gadget. It’s a pivotal piece of technology engineered to meet and adapt to the unique requirements of diverse IoT environments.

Opt for the JYCS001 when your clients demand not only state-of-the-art technology but also a smartwatch that breaks new ground in IoT capability, offering unparalleled adaptability, longevity, and performance. It’s not just about keeping time; it’s about offering a comprehensive solution that propels your clients ahead in the world of IoT.

Customize LoRa Smartwatch Options

UI/Firmware Customization

  • Tailored User Experience: Adapt the J3’s user interface according to brand-specific guidelines or user preferences, ensuring a personalized and intuitive interaction with the watch.
  • User-Focused Design: Whether your brand has a minimalistic design philosophy or leans towards a vibrant display, the J3’s UI can be tailored to mirror that aesthetic.

Storage Capacity Customization

  • Diverse Storage Options: We recognize that different applications have varied storage needs. Whether you’re storing health metrics or other vital data, choose from a range of storage capacities that best align with your requirements.
  • Data Safety: Regardless of the storage option chosen, rest assured your data is stored securely and can be accessed swiftly.

Aesthetic Customization

  • Unique Casings: Give your J3 a distinct look by opting for customized casings. Choose a design and material that resonate with your brand or personal style.
  • Versatile Straps: Beyond functionality, a watch is also a style statement. Select from a range of strap materials and designs, ensuring the J3 not only works well but also looks the part.

Open Device & Technical Support

  • Open Device Access: Gain deeper control and insights into the device functionalities, ensuring seamless integration into existing systems or for developing new applications.
  • Dedicated Support: Our technical team is always on standby. Whether it’s understanding a feature or troubleshooting an issue, we’re here to assist.

iSmarch Support LoRa GPS watch open device development

Support open device development, take an example of our smartwatch:

  1. Customer want to develop their own firmware themselves;
  2. Customer want to use their own protocol to do testing and development;
  3. Customer will add their own algorithm into the hardware;
  4. Customer already have rich experience in Nordic platform
iSmarch LoRaWAN wearable device (15)

iSmarch Responsiblity and Provide:

1. Hardware circuit diagram

2.Hardware interface

3.Drive program


5.App SDK

6.Bluetooth protocol

7.Smart Bracelet I7-HTO2 itself

8.Schematic diagram/IO Ports (Supplied)

9.TFT Display drivers Files

10.IO Ports Config Files

11.Body Temperature Sensor Datasheet

12.PPG Sensor Drivers

13.PPG Sensor datasheet

14.PCB Placement

15.Technical support: during your testing or integration we will support you. That means we will provide proper explanation and communication support or the driver. As your example we will support you do higher sampling rate.

Customer Take Care Of:

1.App integration with our Bluetooth protocol or App SDK

2.Firmware development

3.Based on our Hardware and choose one SDK

should config all IO ports on


All sensors drivers integration

4.UI Interface design for Firmware

5.Whole System Design

6.Platform and APPS (IOS and Android)

7.Business Loop Marketing and Sales

iSmarch LoRaWAN wearable device (4)
iSmarch LoRaWAN wearable device (1)

Tailored Solutions Based on Client Needs

  • Collaborative Approach: We believe in co-creating solutions. Share your requirements, and our team will work closely with you to develop a LoRa smartwatch solution that ticks every box on your checklist.
  • End-to-End Customization: From the initial ideation to the final product delivery, every stage is tailored to align with your specific needs and objectives.

LoRaWAN Device Application Summary

Asset detection and monitoring; Staff health & location tracking; Staff safty & security tracking; Heavy industry factory worker communication; Smart city


Smart Campus

Student exercise heart rate and oxygen monitoring, Bluetooth beacon indoor location, temperature monitoring, contact history tracking, track and analysis of school activities, attendance, etc.

Sports Training

Providing high precision athlete raw data such as PPG, three-axis acceleration, six-axis acceleration, gyroscopes, or nine-axis movement can also store and analyze data and upload it to the server and platform.

Fitness club

Fitness Club

Exercise heart rate changes, exercise time, calories, muscle oxygen analysis, post-exercise recovery, sleep status, and so on were monitored and analyzed.

nursing home

Nursing Home

Elderly indoor Bluetooth beacon positioning, real-time monitoring of vital signs PPG heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature, and other parameters, and monitoring the elderly fell, SOS alarm to ensure the safety of the elderly life. We can also do an outdoor LoRa GPS location.



Staff wears Lorawan watches to receive the message. There are unusual circumstances that can be the first notice, reduce the search time, improve efficiency, and enhance the user experience.


factory Lorawan


By issuing work orders through the Lorawan watch, workers can be confirmed through the wristband upon completion, improving work efficiency and ensuring smooth communication.

LoRaWAN GPS tracker knowledge that you need to know?

LoRaWAN technology uses low power to transmit data over medium and long distances at low bit rates, so the data being transmitted is limited. Unlike other GPS devices, LoRa can transmit GPS location data over long distances, but at slower speeds. And LoRaWAN’s network is secure and privatized, so it fits a lot of IoT scenarios.

iSmarch LoRaWAN wearable device (4)

How does LoRa GPS tracker work?

LoRaWAN tracker locates the location of the wearer by wearing a product terminal device. The LoRaWAN GPS tracker in iSmarch not only has a location function, but also provides comprehensive vital signs to monitor heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, body temperature, sleep, etc. , automatic real-time monitoring data and save. The remaining data is transmitted through a secure channel to the LoRaWAN Gateway, which sends it to the cloud, the server or platform, and if you have a professional application-side algorithmic team, they can do AI science on the raw data they receive, draw some data and conclusions that can help the user.

LoRa GPS Tracker Widely IoT Application

Shipping Management – transportation companies are increasingly using LoRaWAN GPS trackers to manage traffic, so shipping tracking with a LoRa GPS tracker is a worthwhile option. Using Lora GPS Tracker, the company ensures the delivery of products on time and in good condition

Asset tracking management – such as the warehouse of machines or goods, will often need to ship. A machine rental company will often move around. When Lorawan GPS is installed on your assets, you can track their GPS location at any time to prevent loss or to lock down inventory locations quickly.

PET tracking – pets are undoubtedly a big market, and pets are an integral part of their owners’ families. Consequently, a huge market exists for monitoring pet location in real time, which is one of the key purposes for Lora’s GPS Tracker

Child tracking – LoRaWAN tracker can be used to monitor real-time location and health status, which is also very helpful for children’s health and safety.

Patient tracking – Many people with chronic conditions suffer from multiple illnesses, so the LoRaWAN tracker is helpful in monitoring vital statistics such as heart rate, oxygen, blood pressure, body temperature, and ECG, in real time. When there is an exception, it can be sent to the platform, but it can also be used for indoor and outdoor location, security.

Vehicle and driver tracking – The Lorawan GPS tracker not only monitors the driver’s health, but also can locate the vehicle at any time for the safety of the vehicle.

Beacon maufacturers (7)

What does iSmarch LoRa GPS tracker included?

Integrate the most advanced sensors into LoRa GPS tracker:

  • high accuracy & ultra low power consumption GPS for outdoor locating
  • high accuracy PPG sensor detection
  • 3 axis acceleration sensor
  • 3 axis gyroscope and 3 axis magnetometer sensor optional
  • 54inch TFT high resolution display for messages
  • Semtech LoRaWAN Module
  • Magnetic charging way
  • IP68 waterprooof for industrial grade application
  • Support work with LoRaWAN gateway
  • Support work with Bluetooth gateway


Why choose iSmarch LoRaWAN GPS Tracker?

All iSmarch LoRa GPS trackers are based on the LoRaWAN protocol. All of our Low-power electronics, can be used for up to three years because they consume less energy. In addition, our trackers are built in and offer high accuracy and precision sensors. This is beneficial because Global Positioning System can be deployed to any application and needs to be efficient and provide control.

In addition, our LoRa GPS tracker has not only GPS high-precision outdoor positioning functions, but also Bluetooth low-power indoor high-precision indoor positioning. It also has the most complete sensor for vital signs monitoring, which is not only a GPS tracker but can also be widely used in various health management application.

iSmarch is a IoT vertical focused vendor that allows us to customize the functionality, firmware, and open device for our customers to develop their own devices. We also provide technical support for customer integration into the LoRa back end.

What are you waiting for? Contact US immediately to start your LoRa GPS Tracker project.

iSmarch LoRaWAN wearable device (13)

The Fascinating Manufacturing Process Behind Our Products

Our manufacturing process is designed to create high-quality Lora and LoraWan smartwatches while maintaining efficiency and consistency. Below is a step-by-step overview of our approach:

Ismarch main production line

Collaborating with clients:

We begin by discussing the desired features, design, and functionality with our clients, ensuring we understand their specific requirements.

Design creation:

Our design team develops initial sketches and 3D models of the smartwatch, taking into consideration the ergonomics, aesthetics, and user experience.

Identifying suppliers:

We source high-quality components from trusted suppliers, including sensors, processors, memory, and other essential parts.


We negotiate and purchase the necessary components, ensuring timely delivery and cost-effectiveness.

PCB assembly:

Our skilled technicians assemble the printed circuit boards (PCBs) with the required components, soldering them securely into place.

Enclosure and strap manufacturing:

We manufacture the smartwatch’s casing and straps, using materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic, based on the design and client preferences.

Final assembly:

We assemble the smartwatch by combining the PCB, casing, straps, and other components, ensuring a secure and precise fit.

Firmware development:

Our software engineers create custom firmware for the smartwatch, incorporating necessary algorithms and features for fall detection and other functions.

App development:

We develop mobile and web applications that work seamlessly with the smartwatch, enabling users to access their data, customize settings, and receive notifications.

Functional testing:

We perform thorough functional testing to ensure that all components and features of the smartwatch are operating correctly and efficiently.

Durability and reliability testing:

We conduct tests to evaluate the smartwatch’s durability, water resistance, drop resistance, and overall reliability under various conditions.

Battery life and performance testing:

Our team rigorously tests the battery life and performance of the smartwatches, ensuring they meet the expected specifications and deliver reliable operation throughout the day.

User experience testing:

We gather user feedback to assess the smartwatch’s comfort, usability, and effectiveness, making any necessary refinements before mass production.

Regulatory compliance:

We ensure that our smartwatches comply with relevant regulations, such as FCC, CE, and RoHS, and obtain necessary certifications for different markets.

Quality management system:

Our manufacturing process follows strict quality management standards, such as ISO 9001, to ensure the consistent production of high-quality smartwatches.


The smartwatches are carefully packaged with user manuals, charging cables, and other accessories, ensuring they are ready for distribution.

Shipping and logistics:

We collaborate with logistics partners to deliver smartwatches to our clients promptly and efficiently.

Quality control and assurance measures

Quality is central to iSmarch’s values. Our dedicated quality control team adheres to strict guidelines and procedures, monitoring every manufacturing stage. In addition to routine inspections, we conduct in-depth testing on each smartwatch to verify performance, battery life, and durability. This comprehensive approach ensures our smartwatches meet or exceed industry standards.

ismarch QC team

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Experience the difference of working with a top-tier Lora and LoraWan smartwatch manufacturer that prioritizes quality, innovation, and exceptional customization options. Allow us to support your journey in creating a remarkable smartwatch that perfectly aligns with your vision and goals.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your specific needs, and let us provide you with tailored solutions that exceed expectations. Together, we can develop cutting-edge products that positively impact users and ensure customer satisfaction.