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1. iSmarch LoRa Watch J3 square smartwatch

J3 LoRa+ GPS+Heart Rate + Blood Oxygen+Body Temperature + HRV(RRI) Smart Watch

  • BLE5.2+LORAWAN(868MHZ & 915MHZ ISM Band)+GPS;
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2): Photoplethysmography (PPG) reflected light blood oxygen (red & light + infrared light)
  • Body Temperature: Support
  • Heart Rate: Support Static heart rate + dynamic heart rate
  • Blood Pressure: Support (not allowed, used with caution, not responsible for accuracy)
  • Heart Rate Variablity(HRV): 25Hz sampling rate (higher sampling rate can be customized) supports both broadcast data acquisition and Bluetooth SDK (API) acquisition
  • Stress Level: Support (the higher the value, the greater the pressure, and vice versa) – HRV based algorithm
  • Fatigue Monitor: Support (the data of the day before 8 a.m. every day) – algorithms based on heart rate / sleep / HRV
  • Pedometer/Steps: Support
  • Sleep Monitoring: support
  • SOS: Support the long press of physical keys for 5 seconds to broadcast SOS = 1, which is received by the base station, and the cloud platform makes the corresponding processing mechanism
  • Sensor data(Gsensor/PPG RAWDATA ): (Yes Optional)
  • With Lora Gateway:
  • 1. Support the uploading of vital signs data to the cloud platform through Lora base station (the default sending frequency is: send 1 packet of data in 5 minutes, including vital signs and GPS positioning data) (uplink data)
  • 2. Support SOS to report to the platform through Lora Gateway


iSmarch LoRa watch 6.1
iSmarch LoRaWAN Smartwatch (9)

2. iSmarch J3/JYCS001 LoRa Wristband

  • Body temperature function description: Skin temperature detection.High thermal conductivity temperature sensor with built-in algorithm.the skin temperature of the wrist part Measurement range 36 degrees Celsius – 42 degrees Celsius
  • Device size(mm) without strap: 42.5*53*16.5mm
  • Weight Device without strap: 40g
  • Weight strap: 22g
  • Chipset Supplier: NORDIC NRF52840+Semtech LORAWAN Module
  • FLASH memory: 1MB FLASH
  • Display type: TFT
  • Screen size: 1.54nch
  • Resolution: 240*240
  • Touch Type: 2 physical keys (including SOS keys)–No Touch Key

3. iSmarch LoRa Wristband J3/JYCS001

  • G-Sensor: High-precision sensor, working with low power consumption
  • Body Temperature: Yes
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)(PPG): Yes
  • Heart Rate(PPG): Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Battery size: 650mah
  • Charging Method: Magnetic charging
  • Charging time: 5 hours
  • Material: Case: Plastic; Strap:Silicon
  • Battery life: 7*24hours(Steps +Bluetooth+HeartRate Always on Without GPS and LORA)


iSmarch LoRaWAN Smartwatch (7)

4. iSmarch LoRa Smartwatch Advantages:

Long distance transmission: 1km

Easy and quick to deploy

Safe, reliable, autonomous and controllable

Massive connection, easy maintenance


LoRaWAN is used as a WAN (wide area network) wireless network due to its extensive coverage capability.

J 3/Jycso01 can customize to LoRaWAN version for different IoT application.

Long distance wireless transmission

Low transfer speed

Low power consumption

iSmarch LoRaWAN Smartwatch (3)

5. iSmarch LoRa wristband detailed introduction

GPS/BD location:

High accuracy indoor and outdoor locating. We adopt lower power conmsuption GPS modula to support longer working time after fully charged. And LoRa wristband watch is biggest power capacity with over 650mah


Support BLE AOA locating

AOA positioning method is mainly to measure the angle of arrival between the smart watch and the bluetooth gateway. The bluetooth gateway is the starting point of the formation of the Ray must pass the mobile station, the intersection of the two rays is the location of the mobile station. The trick is to simply the estimated position of the watch (MS) can be determined by two buetooth gateway, and its location schematic is shown as below:

6. iSmarch LoRa Smartwatch Advantages:

  • BLE5.2+LORAWAN(868MHZ & 915MHZ ISM Band)+GPS
  • LoRaWAN + Bluetooth network connection available
  • Complete vital sign monitoring like heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, temperature, HRV, sleep, daily acitivyt tracking..
  • Bluetooth AOA and outdoor GPS indoor and outdoor locating monitoring
  • Biggest power capability for 650mah for much longer working time
  • Supoport work with Bluetooth and LoRa Gateway
  • Support all LoRaWAN frequency
  • High accuracy PPG & accelertor senor raw data, also support cutomization for more sensors like 12 axis.