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Custom Smartwatch Screen Solutions: E Ink, OLED, Memory LCD and More for Your Industry

Different screens types

Welcome to iSmarch, the foremost authority in cutting-edge screen technology solutions. We specialize in providing customized screens that cater to a diverse range of industries, with a particular focus on revolutionizing the specialized sports sector.

Central to our ethos are two critical elements: durability and power efficiency. These cornerstones underpin our approach to screen technology and resonate deeply with our clients. We recognize that screens must endure the rigors of demanding environments, resist impact, and maintain unwavering reliability.

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Types of Screens for Diverse Applications:

The world of screen technology is rich and diverse, offering an array of choices tailored to specific industry requirements. At iSmarch, we provide access to a spectrum of screen types, each uniquely suited for a variety of applications. Let’s delve into the diversity of screens that can transform your digital experience:

E Ink (Electronic Ink) Screens:

E Ink screens are renowned for their unique properties that make them ideal for various applications:

  • Low Power Consumption: E Ink screens use minimal power, making them perfect for applications where battery life is crucial. Special sports enthusiasts can track their activities all day without worrying about frequent recharging.

  • High Visibility in Sunlight: E Ink displays excel in direct sunlight, ensuring that users can easily read information on their smartwatches even during outdoor activities.
e-ink screen under sunlight
  • Sharp Text and Graphics: E Ink screens provide clear and crisp text and graphics, enhancing readability during workouts, hikes, or any outdoor adventure.

  • Special Sports Application: E Ink screens are perfect for specialized sports, where prolonged battery life and outdoor readability are essential. Whether it’s tracking performance metrics or navigating through trails, E Ink screens deliver reliable visibility and extended usage.

  • With strong resources on E-ink screen supply chain and rich experience, we are able to customize E-ink screens at a fast response.
iSmarch J3 watch with E-ink Screen

TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) Screens:

TFT screens are versatile and suitable for applications requiring vibrant visuals and dynamic content:

  • Colorful Display: TFT screens offer full color, making them ideal for healthcare devices where color coding and visual alerts are critical.

  • High Refresh Rates: TFT screens excel in applications with animations or real-time data updates, such as monitoring vital signs in healthcare.

  • Wide Viewing Angles: TFT screens ensure that information remains visible from different angles, crucial for presentations and collaborative work environments.

  • Special Sports Application: TFT screens find utility in specialized sports when users need vibrant visuals for training programs, interactive coaching, and tracking progress with colorful graphics and animations.

  • Majority of our off-the-shelf smartwatches are using TFT screens

PMOLED (Passive Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) Screens:

PMOLED screens are known for their high contrast and quick response times:

  • High Contrast: High Contrast: PMOLED screens deliver deep black and white, making them suitable for healthcare monitors where clear representation is vital.

  • Flexible and Lightweight: Their flexibility and lightweight nature make PMOLED screens an excellent choice for wearable devices in healthcare, ensuring comfort and ease of use.

  • Quick Response Time: PMOLED screens are ideal for real-time data visualization in healthcare monitors, offering smooth transitions and reducing motion blur during dynamic content updates.

  • Special Sports Application: In specialized sports, PMOLED screens can be used in wearable fitness trackers, providing users with vivid and easily readable data on their performance, encouraging motivation during workouts.

  • Our smart band like C1, SH09, SH06 are all used this type of screens.


 What sets the C1 apart is its compact size and ergonomic design, expertly tailored for elderly individuals or women . The inclusion of a PMOLED screen further enhances its discreet yet powerful profile, making it the smallest, most lightweight option on the market. With its high contrast and readability, the PMOLED screen is ideal for various scenarios, including sports and elderly users. Its offers indispensable functions such as PPG, SpO2, HRV, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking, ensuring comprehensive health oversight right at your wrist. Plus, it’s versatile, allowing you to wear it on different locations like your arm, making it even more suitable for various scenarios, including sports.

SH09-HTO2 kids smart band (4)


Introducing our SH09, a pinnacle of wearable healthcare technology meticulously engineered for your well-being. This sophisticated device boasts critical features such as PPG, SpO2, HRV, heart rate monitoring, and sleep analysis, providing you with an unparalleled health snapshot right at your fingertips. What distinguishes the SH09 is its elegant compactness and feather-light design, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking a harmonious blend of style and functionality. With its PMOLED screen, the SH09 delivers exceptional readability with high contrast, ensuring it’s perfect for various scenarios, including sports and elderly users.



iSmarch‘s SH06, an epitome of wearable healthcare technology designed with meticulous care for your well-being. This sophisticated device comes equipped with vital features such as PPG, HRV, heart rate monitoring, and advanced sleep analysis, offering a comprehensive health assessment at your fingertips. What truly sets the SH06 apart is its sleek, screen-free design, a strategic choice that results in remarkably reduced power consumption. Compact and feather-light, it becomes your ideal companion in various scenarios, catering to sports enthusiasts and the elderly alike. Its lightweight construction ensures not just portability but also extended comfort during wear, making the SH06 a versatile choice suitable for individuals of all ages and diverse lifestyles.

Memory LCD Screens:

Memory LCD screens offer a blend of low power consumption and high resolution, suitable for various applications:

  • Low Power Consumption: Memory LCDs are designed for energy efficiency, making them ideal for continuous use in healthcare monitoring devices.

  • Transflective Properties: Memory LCDs can switch between transmissive and reflective modes, ensuring readability in both indoor healthcare settings and outdoor environments.

  • High Resolution: The high-resolution display of Memory LCDs allows for detailed graphics and precise data representation.

  • Special Sports Application: In specialized sports, Memory LCD screens can be incorporated into smartwatches to provide athletes with clear and power-efficient displays for tracking performance metrics, even during prolonged outdoor activities.

  • Since we have very strong relationship with the largest Memory LCD supplier in this world- Sharp, we are able to get the same type of screen that Garmin use at the same cost!

Transflective LCD Screens:

Transflective LCD Screens

Transflective LCD screens are tailored for applications demanding readability in sunlight and energy efficiency:

  • Sunlight Readability: Transflective LCDs are optimized for outdoor use, ensuring that information remains visible even under the brightest sunlight. They are well-suited for GPS navigation in specialized sports.

  • Energy Efficiency: These screens consume less power than traditional backlit displays, making them suitable for extended usage in outdoor and healthcare applications.

  • Color Options: Some transflective displays offer color options while maintaining outdoor readability, a crucial feature for GPS tracking and healthcare devices used in various lighting conditions.

Each of these screen types possesses distinct advantages, making them suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. And at iSmarch, we specialize in tailoring these screen technologies to meet the specific needs of your project, ensuring that your digital experiences are as exceptional as your imagination allows.

Customization for Rugged Environments to Enhanced Durability and Rugged Screens:

Enhanced Screen Hardness – Up to Level 8: One of our standout customization options is the ability to elevate screen hardness levels to an impressive level 8 on the Mohs scale. This level of hardness ensures that your screens are not just durable but virtually impervious to scratches, impacts, and daily wear and tear. It’s a level of ruggedness that stands unrivaled in the industry.

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