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iSmarch: Pioneers in Tailored Smartwatches for Mental Health Monitoring

smartwatch for metal patients

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, iSmarch stands as a beacon of innovation, dedicated to transforming the realm of patient care in mental health. Our technologically advanced smartwatches are not just gadgets; they are bridges that connect patients, caregivers, and treatment methodologies in a seamless and meaningful way.

Mental well-being has nuances that require detailed attention. At iSmarch, we understand this depth and have thus tailored our products to resonate with the needs of residential treatment centers. Dive into our offerings and witness the convergence of technology and empathy, aiming to elevate mental healthcare standards globally.

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Geofencing Safety Alerts: iSmarch’s Precision Tracking

  • Description: For caregivers who are anxious about their loved ones straying beyond safety limits, iSmarch offers geo-fencing alerts. As soon as the wearer exits a predefined zone, an immediate notification is triggered.
  • Hardware Requirement: Advanced GPS Modules.
  • iSmarch Specialized Offering: Our mental health-focused smartwatches integrate top-grade GPS systems that guarantee reliable tracking for mental health patients.


Positioning Highlights:

  • Indoor Positioning with UWB: We have another J3 model that is fitted with an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) module, providing highly accurate indoor positioning. This technology ensures precise location tracking within indoor environments.
  • Bluetooth-based Indoor Positioning: Our watches operate on a master-slave principle with built-in beacons. By deploying master Bluetooth gateways, it’s possible to determine which room the wearer is in. For heightened indoor location precision, additional beacons can be deployed. Our watches can both scan and be scanned by these beacons, triangulating the strongest signals from the nearest three to determine location.
  • Additional Compatibility: While the primary positioning methods offer high accuracy, our watches are also compatible with external RTK devices for specialized scenarios. And we had successful experience on customizing 125K and BLE AOA
J3 Lora smartwatch


Equipped with advanced LORAWAN technology, the J3 smartwatch stands out as a frontline tool in mental health patient care. With the inclusion of BLE5.2 and an integrated GPS system, the J3 excels in accurate patient tracking, especially in outdoor settings. For mental health patients, who may sometimes be prone to wander or become disoriented, this feature is invaluable. The watch’s geofencing capability provides an added layer of safety, allowing caregivers to set predefined safe zones and receive alerts if a patient moves beyond these boundaries. Delve into meticulous health metrics with the J3’s precise monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen, body temperature, and HRV(RRI). Its robust 600mAh battery ensures the watch remains operational and reliable. Beyond just specs, the J3 is built with resilience in mind, making it a perfect companion for the multifaceted challenges of mental health patient care.

J3 Bluetooth + Lora Smart Watch


Engineered specifically for the demands of comprehensive patient care, the J3 (UWB Version) smartwatch represents the zenith of modern health tech innovation. An indispensable feature is the integrated UWB module which facilitates high-precision indoor positioning, capable of pinpointing location down to the centimeter. This is instrumental for tracking patients within care facilities, ensuring their safety and well-being. Alongside its reliable SpO2 readings using PPG technology, the watch offers accurate body temperature metrics, thorough heart rate monitoring, and insightful data on respiration and stress (emotion) levels.

X3plus-hto2-1 (1)


Crafted with mental health patients in mind, the X3 Plus smartwatch is a pinnacle of health technology. A standout feature is its geofencing capability, enabling caregivers to set predefined zones and receiving instant notifications if a patient strays. The built-in beacon ensures indoor location tracking, an invaluable tool when overseeing patients in multi-story facilities or densely populated care centers. Beyond its precise SpO2 readings through PPG technology and comprehensive heart metrics, the watch offers detailed temperature monitoring ensuring a holistic view of patient wellness

 Emergency SOS: iSmarch’s Commitment to Safety

One Button SOS

Description: In critical scenarios, our Emergency SOS system can be a lifesaver, ensuring that the wearer’s exact location and status are communicated swiftly.

Hardware Requirement: SOS Button, Cellular Connectivity, BLE, and LoRaWAN.

iSmarch Unique Feature: Our devices are designed with user safety in mind. Each comes integrated with a dedicated, easily accessible SOS button. Once pressed, the device can send an alert using various connectivity options. Whether it’s Cat-M1, NB-IoT for broader coverage areas, or BLE and LoRaWAN gateways for more localized transmission, our watches ensure that the SOS signal reaches its destination reliably.

Medication Adherence: iSmarch’s Health-Focused Alerts

Description: Missed medication can be a setback in mental health management. iSmarch’s smartwatches provide consistent reminders, making sure patients stay on track.

Hardware Requirement: Integrated Vibrator/Speaker.

iSmarch Signature Offering: Beyond just timekeeping, our smartwatches actively engage with wearers. With the capability to vibrate and/or sound an alarm, our watches serve as a discreet yet persistent reminder. This can be tailored based on user preference, ensuring the reminder is noticeable but not intrusive.

Integrative Health Monitoring: iSmarch’s Seamless Connectivity

Description: Mental health management often involves an ecosystem of devices. From fitness trackers monitoring physical activity to sleep trackers gauging rest quality, the data amalgamation is crucial. The smartwatch can act as a hub, seamlessly integrating information from various sources.

Hardware Requirement: BLE Connectivity.

iSmarch Specialized Offering: Our BLE-enabled smartwatches stand out for their connectivity capabilities. They effortlessly sync with a variety of health and fitness devices, ensuring the wearer always has a consolidated view of their health metrics.

Hardware Highlights:

  • Battery: Our product range understands the diverse needs of users. Whether it’s a watch with a compact battery for light users or ones with extensive battery capacities to endure longer periods without the need for frequent charging, we have it covered.

  • Design: Aesthetics matter, and our designs reflect this. From sleek and stylish models suitable for everyday wear to rugged designs built to resist the elements, there’s something for everyone.

  • Connectivity: Our watches are communication hubs. With support for diverse gateways like LoRa, Bluetooth, Cat-M1, and NB-IoT, they ensure continuous connectivity irrespective of the environment.

  • Positioning: Accurate positioning is crucial, especially for safety features. With state-of-the-art GPS, UWB modules for precise indoor positioning, compatibility with RTK devices, and innovative master-slave beacons for enhanced indoor tracking, we ensure pinpoint accuracy.

  • Exceptional Accuracy with iSmarch’s PPG Sensors:
    The Critical Role in Health Monitoring: PPG sensors are vital for a complete view of one’s health, especially in conditions like Mental Patient. The precision of these sensors directly affects the trustworthiness of the health data generated.
    What Sets iSmarch Apart:
    Leading-edge Sampling Frequency: Boasting a 500 Hertz sampling rate, our PPG sensors are a cut above the rest. This superior sampling ensures every heartbeat intricacy is recorded, leading to more detailed and accurate health insights.
    Versatile Readings from a Singular Sensor: Where others might need an array of sensors, our superior PPG sensor combined with our bespoke algorithms, offers a wide array of metrics. These include heart rate, SpO2, respiration rate, HRV, sleep analysis, and more, providing thorough monitoring with utmost discretion.
iSmarch can provide max 500Hz PPG Raw darta sampling rate

Software Features Tailored for Mental Health: An iSmarch Distinction

Mood Tracker:

  • Description: Tracking emotional states over time can provide valuable insights into an individual’s mental health. By logging moods, users can observe patterns, identify triggers, and work towards managing their well-being more effectively.
  • Our Offering: Our watches offer an interactive experience for mood tracking. Whether it’s through intuitive touch gestures on our touchscreen models or easy button-based inputs on non-touch devices, logging moods becomes seamless. For customers with a specific vision, we provide flexibility with custom UI integrations, ensuring the mood tracker aligns with the user’s comfort and style.

Symptom Tracker:

  • Description: Beyond mood, there are specific symptoms or events that might trigger mental health fluctuations. This feature allows wearers to document these occurrences in real time, helping in the proactive management of their mental well-being.
  • Our Offering: We prioritize accurate and quick data logging. Our watches come equipped with advanced synchronization capabilities, ensuring that every input is saved and updated. Ready for a personalized touch, customers can adjust the UI to better fit their target audience’s needs.

Breathing Exercises & Meditation

  • Description: During moments of anxiety or stress, guided relaxation sessions can be invaluable. Breathing exercises and meditation can offer a momentary escape, grounding the individual.
  • Our Offering: We recognize the diverse preferences of users. Some might prefer audio guidance, while others might lean towards visual cues or even vibration-based signals. Our watches are equipped to provide all these experiences. What’s more, all these are customizable via UI, ensuring a tailor-made relaxation journey for each wearer.

Mindfulness and Affirmation Prompt:

  • Description: Positive affirmations and grounding exercises, when prompted at the right moment, can work wonders. They can act as a beacon, guiding users back to the present moment, and instilling a sense of positivity.
  • Our Offering: Our devices are smart in the truest sense. They can be set up to deliver these reminders at specific intervals or moments, as deemed fit by the user. With customizable notification settings within the UI, users can adjust the frequency, tone, and type of reminders.

UI Integration Options:

  • Open Device with J Link: Understanding the creative aspirations our partners might hold, iSmarch offers a pristine firmware environment. This freedom enables them to infuse their distinct UI visions, guaranteeing the smartwatch mirrors the essence of its end-users.
  • Existing UI Flow Chart: Innovation doesn’t always mean reinventing the wheel. For partners who’d rather build upon a robust foundation, iSmarch presents its signature UI blueprints. These templates, backed by extensive research and user feedback, can be adapted, enriched, or streamlined to align with distinct requirements. If you have a UI flowchart design in mind, share it, and let’s collaborate to bring your vision to fruition.

iSmarch Smartwatches Feature Highlighting: Specially Designed for Residential Treatment Centers

residential treatment center

Seamless Patient Admission: A Blend of Innovation and User-Friendliness

BLE Capability: Dive into hassle-free patient admissions with iSmarch. Our smartwatches utilize advanced BLE technology, ensuring smooth onboarding as soon as a patient steps in. This system allows for the efficient broadcasting of MAC addresses.

Smartwatch Initialization:

  • MAC Address Broadcasting: Prioritizing patient confidentiality, iSmarch smartwatches avoid conventional methods like QR codes. Instead, they’re engineered to advertise their unique MAC addresses. This innovative feature ensures healthcare staff can swiftly and securely capture this address using any BLE-compatible mobile device.
  • High Compatibility: Our commitment to efficiency means ensuring our devices seamlessly gel with a broad spectrum of mobile devices. Initialization is thus made easier for healthcare professionals.

Comprehensive Data Collection: Precision Meets Functionality

  • Activity & Sleep Monitor: At iSmarch, we believe in granularity. Our smartwatches come equipped with cutting-edge sensors, meticulously recording patient activity and sleep metrics, fostering data-driven health assessments.
  • Persistent Broadcasting: Power isn’t just about battery life; it’s about relentless efficiency. Our watches, depending on battery capacities, can broadcast the MAC address persistently every second. Less frequent charging, more continuous data.

Efficient Data Transfer: Bridging Devices with Precision

  • Strong Proximity Connectivity: iSmarch emphasizes seamless data capture. Our advanced BLE modules ensure nearby devices can effortlessly detect the smartwatch’s broadcasts, capturing not just the MAC address but also the invaluable RSSI value, hinting at distance estimations.
  • Connectivity Highlights: Pioneering in connectivity, iSmarch smartwatches champion diverse connectivity avenues. With support for tools like LoRa gateways and Bluetooth gateways, our watches redefine efficient data transfers.

Customization Capabilities: iSmarch’s Signature Service

Comprehensive Design and Production Customization:

  • Innovative Designs: At iSmarch, collaboration is key. We unite with our partners, ideating, brainstorming, and actualizing distinct watch designs that cater precisely to specific needs.
  • Rebuilt PCB: Aesthetic appeal meets hardcore functionality. Our team possesses the finesse to reconstruct the PCB for impeccable performance.
  • Mass Production: Our promise is quality at scale. Post meticulous detailing, we ramp up, ensuring bulk units are dispatched timely, with no compromise on functionality or quality.

UI Customization:

  • Open Device with J Link: iSmarch’s unique selling point lies in freedom. We offer an unadulterated firmware platform, enabling clients to incorporate their UI visions, leading to a truly patient-centric interface.
  • Existing UI Flow Chart: If reinventing the wheel isn’t the goal, we have standardized UI blueprints. These can be refined or enhanced to mirror individual requirements.

Sensor Integration: Beyond Just Telling Time

NFC (Near Field Communication) Integration:

  • How it Works: NFC fosters a communication bridge when two devices are closely aligned. It revolutionizes contactless interfacing.
  • Purpose in Mental Health Settings: NFC transforms mental health infrastructures. It allows patients streamlined access across the facility, ensures quick patient identification, and can even double as an in-premise payment method. Security is enhanced, as restricted zones can be maintained.

Skin Conductance Sensor:

  • Understanding the Sensor: This sensor gauges the skin’s electric conduction propensity, which fluctuates with moisture variations. Given that sweating is often linked to emotional shifts, this sensor becomes a window into a user’s emotional plane.
  • Benefits in Mental Health Settings: Real-time anxiety, stress, and emotion tracking become achievable. This continuous monitoring framework offers caregivers the advantage of understanding and potentially intervening during stress peaks or modifying therapy strategies.
  • Our Capability: Sensor intricacies don’t deter us. iSmarch’s expertise lies in immaculately integrating these into our smartwatches, enabling both patients and caregivers to gain continuous insights.

Custom Sensor Integration:

Should the need arise for additional sensors, be it heart rate monitors or temperature gauges, iSmarch stands ready. We’re not just about creating products; we’re about envisioning solutions. If you visualize it, iSmarch ensures it materializes.

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