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About iSmarch

China Leading Smart Wearable Devices Supplier, Concentrate on OEM/ODM Smartwatch & Smart Band Manufacuring.   

iSmarch helps wholesalers & importers & brand owners accomplish their wearable devices by top-end turnkey manufacturing.

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7 year focus on smartwatch

As a leader in the manufacturing of smartwatch, smart band and related smart wearable device, iSmarch has been succesfully providing big and small brands with customized smart wear device R&D and production for 7 years thanks to talented strong Engineer team and rich product line. 

Our main factory and sales office located in Shenzhen, China. Due to the growth of smart wear device sales volume by at least 15% every year, we also set up branches in other Guangdong and mainland cities, and carry out unified factory management system. With top-end quality and professional service, our products cover the whole world. We are full of confidence and passion about our business, constantly pushing the limit of knowledge, providing a host of international brands with high-precision positioning, special function smartwatch design and turekey solutions.

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High quality smartwatch mass production manufacturing

The key to our successful mass production of uniform high-quality products lies in modern advanced production technology and equipment, experienced production staff and quality control team


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iSmarch Culture


Since 2014, we have invovled in the smart wearable industry, and we have been committed to developing new products of private models and adding product functions. Our products and services have been highly praised by customers at home and abroad, and we are gradually approaching to the world-class smart wearable company, hoping to have our place among the world-class brands one day.


The market for smart wear has been growing because people need it in their daily lives. Especially are increasingly used in professional fields, such as hospitals, schools and factories. We focus on solving people’s physical health problems through smart wearables, assisting hospitals to detect patients’ physical signs, adolescents’ physical and mental health and safety problems, and facilitating communication and improving efficiency at special dangerous work.


Core Value

Customer-centric, market-driven, R&D are 3 core to success. We always believe that only from the perspective of customers can we design products that satisfy customers, and only from the market to the market can we design products that are recognized and accepted by the market. So we have been breaking through the professional limit for customers and the market to create perfect products, and services in all walks of life, to solve practical problems.

Quality Policy

Quality is the life of an enterprise, strict quality management system and production process is the premise that we have been maintaining stable quality. In addition, we have a strong after-sales service team, and we will provide professional videos and documents as soon as possible for any operation and user problems. Choose iSmarch choose 0% quality worry.

iSmarch Qualification

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