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Smart Safety Helmet – Advanced IoT Safety for Industrial Use

🎉 APP SDK Available

🎉 Obtain PPG and G-sensor’s Raw Data

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🎉 Customizable for Adding New Sensors

🎉 UI & Firmware Customizable 

Smart Safety Helmet – Advanced IoT Safety for Industrial Use

Experience the epitome of modern industrial safety with the iSmarch Smart Helmet, a collaborative innovation brought to you by iSmarch and the VCT InSite. This helmet isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a fusion of high-level protection and sophisticated IoT technology, designed to propel workplace safety into a new era.

Step into the future of workplace safety with the iSmarch Smart Helmet. Engineered for the modern industrial world, this helmet combines superior protection with the most advanced IoT technology to keep you connected and safe.

Smart helmet connect to Lora

What sets the iSmarch Smart Helmet apart is its integrated personnel positioning system, delivering pinpoint accuracy for tracking the wearer’s location, whether indoors or on sprawling construction sites. This ensures operational coordination and enhances safety measures by keeping everyone accounted for at all times.

Communication is key in high-risk environments, and iSmarch understands this. That’s why our helmet is equipped with LoRa connectivity for wide-area communication and BLE for energy-efficient, local connections. This dual-communication technology allows for uninterrupted data transfer and real-time alerts, ensuring that you’re always in touch when it matters most.

With the iSmarch Smart Helmet, you can easily switch between BLE and GPS positioning to adapt to various environments, guaranteeing consistent and reliable location services. The modular design allows for an array of attachments, providing versatility and enhanced functionality tailored to your needs.

Choose the iSmarch Smart Helmet for its unparalleled advantages: strategic design for robust protection, seamless communication, and comprehensive coverage that traditional helmets can’t offer. Embrace the next generation of smart protection where safety meets connectivity.

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