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J1 Anti-Dismantling Watch – Secure and Reliable Wearable Technology

The J1 Anti-Dismantling Watch is a specialized security wearable designed for environments that demand the highest level of tamper-proofing and reliability. Ideal for correctional facilities, psychiatric wards, and community correction programs, the J1 ensures continuous monitoring with a focus on wearer compliance and safety.

J1 Specification

Material & Size:

Dimensions: 51MM*42MM*16.5MM; Weights vary with components: 31g (watch), 40.3g (with magnetic lock), 20.5g (lock pick), 42.2g (wireless charger).

Display: No specific screen details provided; comes with one physical button.

Body: Plastic with zinc alloy; Wristband: Conductive TPE.

Core Functions:

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2 platform, NFC support at 13.56MHZ/M1.

Health Monitoring:

Stress & Emotion: Monitors via HRV-based algorithms.

Physical Health: Tracks SPO2, respiration rate, body temperature with a high precision of ±0.2 degrees Celsius.

Heart Monitoring: Low power heart rate monitoring with 100-150µA consumption for continuous tracking.

HRV/RRI: 25Hz sampling rate; customizable rates available.

Advanced Features:

Charging: Supports wireless charging, featuring a built-in 1000mAh power bank for convenient cable-free charging.

Safety: SOS function through long-pressing a physical button for 5 seconds.

Unique Functionalities: Customizable for the combination of the BLE gateway +125K, low-frequency 125K activator support, and options like Angle of Arrival (AOA) indoor positioning.

Battery & Charging:

Battery: Polymer lithium, 600MAH.

Charging: Specialized charging method.

Battery Life: 24/7 for a week with steps, Bluetooth, and heart rate monitoring always on.

Other Parameters:

Waterproof Level: IP68.

Available only in black strap color.

Package Dimensions: 98*98*40mm, with a weight of 92g. Carton box sizing at 510*420*230mm for 100pcs.

🎉 APP SDK Available

🎉 Obtain PPG and G-sensor’s Raw Data

🎉 Open Device with J link Available

🎉 Customizable for Adding New Sensors

🎉 UI & Firmware Customizable 

J1 Anti-Dismantling Watch – Secure and Reliable Wearable Technology

Key Features

  • User-friendly Design: J1 is designed without a screen for simplicity, while J2 comes with a screen to cater to varied requirements.
  • Tamper-Proof Security: Designed with an integrated conductive material within its 3-layered strap, any tampering or cutting attempt instantly triggers an alert, ensuring consistent surveillance.
  • Advanced Health Monitoring: J1 and J2 provides comprehensive metrics such as stress levels, heart rate, Spo2, and more to ensure inmates’ well-being.
  • Innovative Charge: With an innovative charging box controlled by guards, the watch never has to leave an inmate’s wrist, guaranteeing uninterrupted surveillance.
  • Durable and Hypoallergenic: Crafted with hypoallergenic TPE bands, the watches combine comfort with durability, setting them apart from conventional TPU bands.
  • Robust Lock System: Boasting a complex lock mechanism, zinc alloy interlock, and special screws, the watches prioritize security. The real-time alarm system and special unlocker further enhance safety.
  • IP68 Rating: Dust and waterproof design ensures the watch functions optimally in diverse conditions.
  • Tailored Screen Durability: Users have the flexibility to upgrade the screen toughness based on their specific needs, ensuring it stands up to rigorous environments.

Long-Term Wear

  • Extended Battery Life: Crafted to operate for extended periods, minimizing the need for frequent recharging.
  • Comfortable Fit: Designed with wearer comfort in mind for long-term use without causing skin irritation or discomfort.

Technical Specifications

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth AOA and Low-Frequency 125K technologies for advanced tracking.
  • Resistance: High-durability materials with anti-dismantling features suited for security-focused applications.


  • Correctional Facilities: Enhances inmate tracking and monitoring for improved facility security.
  • Mental Health Institutions: Provides patient location data to help ensure the safety of patients and staff.
  • Community Correction: Assists in the management of individuals in community correction programs with constant location tracking.

Customization and Support

  • Custom Configurations: Available in different sizes and can be configured to meet specific institutional requirements.
  • Technical Support: Full support is provided for setup, deployment, and any troubleshooting needs.

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