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X6 Smartwatch – Your Comprehensive ECG Health Management Partner

Product Specifications:

  • Continuous heart rate monitoring with 7*24 support
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) via PPG technology
  • ECG support for heart rhythm analysis
  • Respiratory rate in breaths per minute
  • High precision temperature monitoring
  • Blood pressure tracking
  • Fatigue detection available next day at 9am
  • Stress level monitoring based on HRV algorithm
  • HRV/RRI data with a 25HZ sampling rate
  • Distance and calories tracking with a 7-day memory

🎉 APP SDK Available

🎉 Obtain PPG and G-sensor’s Raw Data

🎉 Open Device with J link Available

🎉 Customizable for Adding New Sensors

🎉 UI & Firmware Customizable 

X6 Smartwatch – Your Comprehensive ECG Health Management Partner


Introducing the X6 Smartwatch, a sophisticated fusion of technology and wellness. This smartwatch is not just a timepiece; it’s a health companion that works tirelessly to monitor and report on your well-being, helping you understand your body like never before.

Core Features:

Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring:

The X6 offers continuous heart rate monitoring with 7*24 hours of support, ensuring you stay informed about your cardiovascular health around the clock.

Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2):

Utilizing advanced PPG technology, the X6 measures the oxygen levels in your blood, giving you a clear picture of your respiratory health.

ECG Functionality:

With ECG support, you can have clinical-grade insights into your heart rhythm and detect anomalies early.

Respiratory Rate:

Keep track of your respiratory health with breaths per minute measurements, which are crucial for your overall health monitoring.

Body Temperature Sensing:

A high-precision temperature module provides you with immediate and continuous body temperature data.

Blood Pressure:

The X6 offers blood pressure monitoring, giving you a comprehensive view of your vital statistics (Note: This feature is not intended for medical use).

Fatigue and Stress Monitoring:

Understand your body’s signals with support for fatigue and stress level detection, helping you manage your well-being effectively.

Advanced HRV/RRI Metrics:

With a 25HZ sampling rate, the X6 provides detailed HRV/RRI data for deeper insights into your heart health.

Activity Tracking:

Tracks your movement, including distance and calories, storing up to 7 days of step information.

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