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In the past two years, the global surge in COVID-19 infections has led to economic lockdowns and restrictions on people’s daily lives. Many digital solutions companies are actively seeking and developing practical solutions to control the spread of COVID-19.

More and more companies and governments have adopted the management of contact history tracing solution to control the outbreak. 

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1. What is Social Distancing & Contact Tracing Solution

According to my different application scenarios, iSmarch have different technologies to implement contact history tracing management such as Bluetooth, RFID WIFI, UWB to make devices to communicate and connect and send messages, alerts to any employee who has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus. The social distancing wristband can also vibrate or beep when they are within two meters of each other to remind them to maintain social distancing. It’s a more gentle way to remind people to keep a safe social distancing at all times.

For example, suppose there are 60 people in an office. In that case, all of those 60 people will have to wear contact tracing wearable devices, if anyone comes within 6 feet of each other for more than a few minutes (the distance can be adjusted according to different countries’ rules for social distance — 1m, 1.5 m, 2m, 2.5 m. 3m) , the device creates a contact record. This record includes the device ID of each person, the distance of those devices, and the time of interaction. Over time, it collects all of these activities from different people.

When a COVID-19 outbreak or a staff member tests positive, it quickly creates a case in our Web-based dashboard. The case makes a report that includes all the devices with which the individual has interacted in the past week to automatically track contacts and pull out the corresponding contact history report. The device also sends a notification via text message, telephone, or e-mail to everyone who has come into contact with the person and links them to public health authorities or the nearest testing center, or people who come into contact with infected people are self-quarantine and tested by the Department of Health.

iSmarch also provides a simple Web IoT platform with a contact history tracing, such as accurate close contacts and COVID-19 exposure reports. Users can quickly access close contact reports across location, date/time, duration, and Level 1, Level 2, or level 3 contacts.

Mandatory COVID-19 exposure notices can be sent quickly to exposed workers/employees. The iSmarch contact tracing solution also analyzes high-risk areas and people to develop proactive mitigation strategies.

2. Contact tracing wearable application

2.1 Contact tracing wearable for business use (offline 2B enterprises)

Help employees back to work and ensure business continuously grows. They can also support their families members’ safe and healthy by contact tracing wearable devices. Adopting this contact history tracing solution can easily get customers and visitors Covid-19 exposure in time and accurately.

So this suitable for big or small companies, warehouse, office building, big factory, a comprehensive contact tracing solution will benefit your business growing.

2.2 Contact tracing and social distancing for schools or government organizations

All schools start to reopen during Covid-19, a contact tracing wearables will benefit school Covid-19 management in a highly efficient way. iSmarch provides a simple social distancing bracelet or an ID badge that could connect with your smartphone App or directly to the school IoT platform, which can quickly check every student or teacher contact history.

This is a safe and more accessible way for schools and governments.

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2.3 Contact tracing for seniors at home or in the nursing home

iSmarch contact tracing technology can connect well in a nursing home or long-term home care so that residents also can take part in contact tracing. This will help quarantine and control Covid-19 spreading and outbreaks among senior people, the most vulnerable population in Covid-19.

This also could protect the nurse and home care staff who take care of the seniors.

2.4 Contact tracing for Communities & Airlines

All communications wear contact tracking devices then can quickly get their contact history when Covid-19 outbreaks. It can be rapidly done self-quarantine, so this can stop the second round from spreading quickly.

This is the same for airlines. All staff and passengers on airlines sit very close, so they can quickly get infected. So if everyone get contact tracing wearables, then they can be controlled quickly.

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To get back to work as quickly as possible, all companies, institutions, and places with high concentrations of people use social distancing bracelets to minimize the occurrence and spread of COVID-19. Therefore, it is essential to use intelligent wearables to remind people to maintain social distancing and achieve contact history tracing management, an effective economic measure to ensure long-term normal work.  Here’s some feedback from the market:

  • The gradual return of workers to the workplace forces organizations to be creative about protecting workers’ safety. Some employers require employees to wear a device to keep them at the arm by alerting them when they are within six feet of each other and collecting data to help determine possible exposure to the coronavirus.
  • “Wearables vendors are developing solutions that help employees maintain social distancing… and provide analytics data, such as contact tracing,” said JP Gownder, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • One supplier is Estimote, based in San Francisco, which makes small wireless devices that can be hung around employees’ necks and vibrate if they get too close to each other. If workers develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, the devices also record direct contact to help identify exposed employees.
  • “Care Predict, originally a home monitoring company for the elderly, now has facilities that allow full contact tracing at nursing home facilities,” Gownder said. “These products not only let the facility know where people have been but also how long they have been there and which way they have been going.”
  • Gownder says some organizations are also deploying products to measure employee health signals in the workplace, such as body temperature. New york-based Equivital makes body-worn sensors that measure skin temperature, breathing rate, or heart rate and connect to external sensors to store and transmit data.

3. Contact Tracing Wearables & Features

iSmarch provide high accuracy social distancing bracelets to fit different application such as Bluetooth, Wifi, UWB, RFID technology realize your request. Simple set up without App, easy to operate for every single user.

X3plus-hto2-1 (17)

X3plus-hto2 Smartwatch

Bluetooth social distancing smartwatch, set up your bluetooth gateway for business application or healthcare center.

TX social distance badge 1 (6)


RFID ID badge specially designed for social distancing alarm for high accuracy, no need for App or IoT platform.

SH09-HTO2 kids smart band (5)

Sh09-hto2 Smartband

Wifi social distancing wristband for kids, Wifi and Bluetooth gateway to support school application, keep shcool open.

I7-hto2 smart band 1 (14)
I7-hto2 Smart Bracelet

RFID social distancing smart fitness tracker for public application, easy to use NO App needed.

4. Contact Tracing Wearable Manufacturing

  • 50+ engineers in R&D specialized in smart wearable devices for decades;
  • Free logo imprint in welcome page, on smartwatch, package OEM&ODM strong capability;
  • Firmware customization such as UI, icon, new features & function, new languages ect..
  • Hardware customization such as PCBA board, watch case, structure design;
  • App or software or Cloud or System customization like by proving SDK, Bluetooth Beacon, Broadcasting, Raw data ect…
  • iSmarch is a smart wearable device manufacturer since 2013 with 200+ workers and monthly 500K pcs output.


Welcome any kinds of OEM/ODM customization project, as we are the most professional smart wearable devices IOT solution provider in China!

5. How Wearble Contact Tracing Solution works?

  • HR wears smart wearable devices to employees. The device ID is bound to the employee’s mailbox
  • Employee “A” maintains close contact with employees “B” and “C” on a specific date
  • “A”trajectory will be recorded in the company IoT platform
  • “A” went home and accepted COVID-19 test, the result was positive, and decided to notify HR
  • HR can now log in to the management dashboard, view the contact history of “A”, and send emails to “B” and “C” requesting self-quarantine.
  • If someone is found to have the new coronavirus, then the system can screen this contact history
  • Form a health record form of contact history for each ID (wearer, contact person, contact time, contact duration)
  • Temperature, heart rate, exercise, sleep and other data. Collect and report to the platform to form records
  • Employee real-time location/hazardous area alarm/long time static alarm

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