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iSmarch IoT Smart Wearable Solution

iSmarch IoT wearable solutions

Rich experience in the smart wearable industry We start smartwatch manufacturing and engineering in 2013, the first lot company to produce smartwatch in China. We know the history of smartwatches in China and the world, and we are always leading the industry for new and accurate functions, designs, App, algorithm, solution etc…  As you know, smartwatch have different […]

Bluetooth Beacon Tracker

Bluetooth Beacon tracker banner

Introduction: iSmarch remote location beacon is a Bluetooth low energy for location and marketing. The product uses a unique appearance design and ABS material shell, unique feel, simple and beautiful; with long endurance, waterproof and strong structure. This product supports BL5.0 technology, through indoor positioning technology can quickly position personnel, real-time push marketing information. For […]

Bluetooth Gateway for IoT Solution

Bluetooth gateway banner

Bluetooth gateway Introduction: Bluetooth gateway is a device that connects bluetooth-based products to other devices or hardware. For example, audio or stereo Bluetooth gateways connect Bluetooth devices to external or portable speakers. Most people in the world rely on smartphone, but sometimes if you’re doing chores or in a meeting, and your phone is sitting […]

7 Best Smartwatch Manufacturers in China

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There is no doubt that China is the global R&D and manufacturing center of smartwatches. Most high-quality smartwatch factories are concentrated in Shenzhen, a first-tier developed city in China. Shenzhen is the technology R&D center of China, so most factories choose Shenzhen and surrounding cities. In recent years, the shipments of China’s smartwatch industry have been increasing year by year, with a compound annual growth rate of 29.6% from 2014 to 2019. According to IDC, a total of 35.86 million children’s and adult smartwatches were shipped in China in 2019, according to preliminary estimates. Smartwatch shipments in China reached 40.21 million units in 2020.

Chinese smartwatch makers have partnered with brands around the world to meet growing demand. Here are the 7 Best Smartwatches Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Smart Watch Industry History in China

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Smartwatch is one the most popular smart devices in the market, compared to other traditional industry smartwatch that is new in the market. Strictly speaking, smartwatch industry development history is quite short in China but increasing speed is super fast.

In this post, you will have a general idea about the smartwatch industry and will be helpful for you if you want to sell or buy a smartwatch. Follow us to see smartwatch history in China and understand its near future.