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Smart Watch Industry History in China

Smartwatch is one the most popular smart devices in the market, compared to other traditional industry smartwatch that is new in the market. Strictly speaking, smartwatch industry development history is quite short in China but increasing speed is super fast. In this post, you will have a general idea about the smartwatch industry and will be helpful for you if you want to sell or buy a smartwatch. Follow us to see smartwatch history in China and understand its near future.

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What is a smartwatch?

Smartwatch is a wrist watch that works with App and have below functions:

  • Time, date, calendar;
  • Alarm clock;
  • Find phone or smartwatch;
  • GPS
  • Call, message, WhatsApp, Facebook, email notification;
  • Bluetooth control taking the photo, play music;
  • Steps, distance, calories calculating;
  • Heart rate, Blood Pressure Blood Oxygen Sleep monitoring
  • Different sports mode to do more monitoring

Most smartwatches have the above function, and if the APP and raw material are different the price will be totally different.

old style smartwatch

When smartwatch start in China?

 Smartwatch starts in 2012 in Shenzhen, because it regards as electronics.  Shenzhen is the core center of any newest electronics products. At that time, the smartwatch only has a simple function and the APP works not stable only can work for 1 day then need to charge. And the cost is much higher. Everyone likes the smartwatch idea and sell quickly at a high price even the function is not very stable. So this is a good sign for the Chinese market.

When smartwatch increasing demand in China?

After Apple, Samsung starts to add the smartwatch range, the market keeps increasing very heavily, especially in 2016-2017. Even during Covid-19, a smartwatch is still kept 8% increasing in 2020 comparing to 2019. And it will keep >20% increasing in next 3-5years. So if you are a wholesale or importer this is a good range add to your product line.

China smartwatch factory?

Actually, 100% truly smart watch factory is only a few, most of them only focus on assembling. And most of the factories focus on sell to Chinese trading company and trading companies sell on Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress.

So if you want OEM or ODM service for high accuracy monitoring function, iSmarch is your turnkey solution provider.

smartwatch brand
source from Counterpoints

What is the smartwatch industry’s future in China?

Now, the most factory is pretty busy since marketing demand keeps increasing. So in the next few years is a good opportunity to focus on smartwatch manufacturing and development.


Smartwatch starts in 2012, and huge increases in 2016-2017, and every year keep 20% increasing, we will be dedicated to smartwatch industry in coming years.