Smartwatch J2 Anti-Dismantling - Segurança sem concessões e monitoramento avançado da saúde

The J2 Anti-Dismantling Smartwatch is a sophisticated security wearable engineered to provide continuous surveillance and health monitoring in high-security environments such as correctional facilities. With its tamper-proof features and health tracking capabilities, the J2 is an indispensable tool for ensuring the well-being and oversight of inmates.

J2 Specification

Material & Size:

Dimensões: 43,5*54,5*18,5 mm

Weight: 62g in total (40g for the watch + 22g for the strap).

Display: 1.54-inch TFT IPS screen with 240×240 resolution and full touch capability.

Case: Plastic; Strap: Silicon.

Funções essenciais:

Conectividade: Bluetooth 5.2, GPS/Beidou, and NBIOT (optimized for Chinese frequency bands).

Monitoramento da saúde:

Stress & Emotion: Monitors emotional state via HRV-based algorithms.

Physical Activities: Tracks steps, sleep, fatigue, and provides daily fatigue data.

Health Metrics: Monitors SPO2, respiration rate, HRV, and skin temperature accurately.

Heart Monitoring: Low power consumption heart rate monitoring with a 100-150µA range, offering 24/7 tracking.

HRV/RRI: 25Hz sampling rate, customizable for higher rates.

Recursos avançados:

SOS: Long press of 5 seconds for emergencies.

NFC: Supports 13.56MHZ/M1.

BLE BEACON: 300MS broadcasting data and functionality to work with BLE gateway.

App Compatibility: Uses the IXFIT app (available on App Store & Google Play) for test and connect to customer’s app with APP SDK provided.

Battery & Charging:

Battery: Polymer lithium, 600MAH.

Charging: Special charger with 1200mah capacity, with an option for a centralized management box for 50 watches.

Standby Time: Over 1 year on Bluetooth mode, and 2-3 months with other features activated.

Outros parâmetros:

Waterproof Level: IP68.

Available in various strap colors.

Package Dimensions: 98*98*40mm, with a weight of 92g. Carton box-sizing at 510*420*230mm for 100pcs.

🎉 APP SDK disponível

🎉 Obter dados brutos do PPG e do sensor G

🎉 Dispositivo aberto com link J disponível

🎉 Personalizável para adicionar novos sensores

🎉 UI e firmware personalizáveis 

Smartwatch J2 Anti-Dismantling - Segurança sem concessões e monitoramento avançado da saúde

Principais recursos

Robust and Secure

  • Tamper-Proof Design: An integrated conductive material triggers alerts upon tampering attempts.
  • Complex Lock System: A zinc alloy interlock with special screws and a real-time alarm system prevent unauthorized removal.

Métricas abrangentes de saúde

  • In-Depth Health Tracking: Stress levels, heart rate, Spo2, and more are monitored to ensure inmates’ health is meticulously overseen.
  • Continuous Heart Monitoring: Low power consumption with 24/7 tracking capabilities.

User-Friendly and Durable

  • Screen Options: Choose from a standard or upgraded screen for enhanced durability.
  • Hypoallergenic TPE Band: Offers comfort and durability, superior to standard TPU bands.

Intuitive and Functional

  • Full Touch Display: A 1.54-inch TFT IPS screen provides clear, interactive user engagement.
  • SOS and NFC Features: Quick access to emergency alerts and 13.56MHZ/M1 NFC functionality.

Especificações técnicas

  • Materiais: Durable plastic case with a comfortable silicon strap.
  • Conectividade: Bluetooth 5.2, GPS/Beidou, and NBIOT, tailored for optimal performance.
  • Duração da bateria: Impressive standby time, supported by a specialized charging solution for centralized management.

Monitoramento avançado de saúde

  • Detailed Health Analysis: Tracks a range of metrics from respiration rate and skin temperature to HRV, all with high accuracy.
  • App Integration: Compatible with IXFIT and other customer apps, enhanced with APP SDK for seamless integration.

Personalização e suporte

  • Color Variants: Available in various strap colors to align with institutional requirements.
  • Expert Support: Full-service customer support for setup, integration, and ongoing maintenance needs.

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