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Welcome to iSmarch, A fitness wristband manufacturing company, where we specialize in high-quality and affordable fitness wearables for the perfect solution in sports and children’s safety and more markets.


Catering to the sports market and children's safety market

As a leading manufacturer, we understand the unique challenges faced by professionals in these markets. Our products help athletes, coaches, trainers, and parents track crucial health and fitness metrics, enabling informed decisions about performance and safety. Combining cutting-edge technology, our wearables deliver accurate data while remaining comfortable and easy to use.

We also offer comprehensive customization options for seamless integration with existing systems and applications.

What is A Fitness Tracker?

Con la innovación de la tecnología wearable inteligente, habrá una gran variedad de modos de deporte, como correr, bailar, fútbol, baloncesto, bádminton, gimnasio, ciclismo, etc., que calculará automáticamente las calorías que consumes según los diferentes modos de ejercicio y te dará algunas sugerencias profesionales basadas en tu situación deportiva. 

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Fitness tracker is a wrist-worn smart wearable device, usually in the form of a watch or a wristband.

Los rastreadores de fitness se utilizan principalmente para controlar el número de pasos caminados, la distancia que corremos, y el seguimiento en tiempo real de la frecuencia cardíaca, el oxígeno en sangre, la presión arterial durante el entrenamiento físico. Fitness Tracker también controla la calidad del sueño, activando el modo sueño mientras se prepara para ir a dormir, el seguimiento de su calidad del sueño, y la presentación de informes a su APP móvil.

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In addition, a fitness tracker connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Todas las llamadas telefónicas, mensajes de texto, correos electrónicos, recordatorios de horarios, etc., de tu teléfono móvil, se envían automáticamente al rastreador, para que no te pierdas ningún plan o llamada importante incluso cuando estés corriendo.

Con el desarrollo de la tecnología inalámbrica, los rastreadores de fitness también pueden incorporar módulos GPS para permitir la navegación al aire libre y compartir la ubicación en cualquier momento.

Los dispositivos de seguimiento de la actividad física suelen almacenar datos históricos de entre 24 horas y siete días, lo que permite a los usuarios consultar el historial anterior en cualquier momento.

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The Best Features and Advantages of Our Fitness Wristbands

Our fitness bands are specifically designed to cater to the needs of clients in various industries, offering a wide range of essential features that help users optimize their training and monitor their overall health. The three main features include:

Control del ritmo cardíaco

Our Fitness strap provide accurate tracking of heart rate during workouts and throughout the day, enabling users to optimize their training and monitor overall health. This feature is particularly beneficial for the sports and fitness industry, as it allows athletes and trainers to adjust workout intensity and track progress. In addition, the healthcare industry can utilize heart rate monitoring data for remote patient monitoring and telemedicine applications.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Our smart bracelet measure the variation in time between each heartbeat, providing insights into the body's stress levels, recovery status, and overall fitness. This advanced feature is valuable for professionals in the sports and wellness industry, as it enables them to develop personalized training programs based on individual recovery needs. HRV data is also useful for stress management and mental health applications, supporting users in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Calorie Consumption

Keeping track of how many calories you burn each day is crucial for fitness enthusiasts, especially those who want to stay slim or control weight.To maintain a healthy percentage of your daily intake of food and exercise calories, you need to rely on fitness trackers to record and calculate the cost of a weight-loss or fitness program.

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Sleep Tracking

In-depth analysis of sleep patterns is essential for recovery and overall well-being. Our fitness wristbands provide detailed insights into sleep quality and duration, empowering users to make informed decisions about their sleep habits. This feature is highly relevant for the healthcare and wellness industries, where sleep tracking data can be utilized to develop personalized sleep improvement strategies and monitor the effectiveness of sleep interventions.

Accurate Positioning

Like a cell phone, fitness trackers have GPS chips to locate running, biking, and hiking routes in real-time. This is great for outdoor enthusiasts who need to check out the terrain at any time.In addition, this is also very important for children's safety. Parents can tell their kid's positions. For some of the elderly suffering from memory, disorders can be quickly found by GPS function.

Keep in Touch via Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth allows you to receive calls, text messages, emails, and other notifications at any time. You won't miss any important phone calls or text messages even if you are exercising.There are also fitness trackers with Wi-Fi, 4G, so you can make and receive calls and respond to messages at any time. It works as a mini phone on your wrist and instead of your smartphone.

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Our Expertise in Fitness Tracker Manufacturing

En iSmarch, we’re more than just a fitness wristband manufacturer – we’re a trusted partner in your health and wellness journey, especially within the sports market. Our products stand out for their precision and reliability in tracking key health metrics.

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un grupo de personas en una fábrica de smartwatches trabajando con máquinas.

Renowned for delivering accurate readings of heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and step counts, our wristbands are the companions of choice for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to monitor and improve their health.

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We use cutting-edge technology and innovative design to create wristbands that are not only functional but also comfortable and stylish. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to helping our users lead healthier, more active lives.

Popular Fitness Bands Categories

T3 Armband with Ultra-Low Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring Fitness Bands

The T3 Armband is a versatile fitness tracker designed for various applications, including sports training and military exercises. Featuring ultra-low power dynamic heart rate monitoring, it allows for continuous 7×24 hour tracking without compromising battery life. The comfortable woolen loopback bands ensure a secure fit for different wrist sizes. The device seamlessly integrates with Bluetooth gateways, supporting automatic time calibration, class name display, and storage for up to five messages. When connected to a Bluetooth base station, the T3 Armband provides real-time heart rate data and receives push notifications, making it a convenient and powerful tool for users across diverse scenarios.

C1 fitness tracker

Ultra Small size C1 Children fitness wristbands

Our Ultra Small Size C1 Children Fitness Wristbands are designed specifically for kids, offering a lightweight and comfortable fit, with an extensive range of features to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. The wristbands are perfect for use in schools, extracurricular activities, and among families. Key features include sleep monitoring, exercise intensity monitoring, vital signs monitoring (heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and respiratory rate), calorie tracking, interactive classroom functions, social distancing reminders, stress and fatigue monitoring, step counting, jump rope tracking, and engaging treasure hunting games and hobby areas. These comprehensive features make the C1 Children Fitness Wristbands an ideal choice for fostering a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle for children.

Ultra small C1 smartwatch

C1 Ultra-Small High Precision Smart Bracelet

The Ultra-Small C1 Smart Bracelet is a sleek and compact fitness tracker offering comprehensive health monitoring capabilities, making it perfect for use in various settings such as gyms, offices, and during outdoor activities. It precisely measures dynamic heart rate, blood oxygen, body temperature, blood pressure, HRV (RRI), stress levels, and respiratory rate. With its ultra-low power consumption, the C1 Smart Bracelet provides continuous heart rate monitoring and is ideal for users seeking discreet and reliable health tracking on the go.

product sizes

C1 Video Introduction

T3 Video Introduction

Tailored Smart Bracelet Solutions: Customization Options to Meet Your Needs

We strive to provide a personalized experience for our clients, ensuring that our Fitness tracker are tailored to your specific requirements.

Product Design

Simple, display-free design to reduce costs

Our minimalist design approach ensures affordability without compromising on functionality. This design is particularly suitable for budget-conscious clients and industries looking for cost-effective fitness wearables.

Efficient use of existing designs for initial trials

We can adapt our existing designs to meet your specific needs, making the prototype and trial process more efficient and cost-effective for our clients.

Personalización del hardware

un círculo blanco con el contorno blanco de un objeto.

6-axis or 9-axis gyroscope

Our fitness wristbands can be customized with a 6-axis or 9-axis gyroscope, providing varying levels of movement tracking accuracy depending on your requirements.

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We offer GPS integration for precise location tracking, which is beneficial for outdoor sports, adventure industries, and safety applications where accurate positioning is crucial.

Sensores de temperatura y humedad

Body Temperature Monitoring

Track body temperature to help users monitor their health and identify potential issues.

una escala con fondo verde y números blancos.

Altitude Measurement

Measure altitude for outdoor sports enthusiasts and adventure industries where elevation data is crucial.

Sensor de SpO2 (oxígeno en sangre)

Blood Oxygen Level Monitoring

Keep track of blood oxygen levels, essential for users with specific health concerns or those participating in high-intensity activities.

Capacidad de la batería

Battery life optimization

We prioritize power efficiency to maximize battery life, ensuring our fitness wearables can be used for extended periods without frequent recharging. This feature is particularly advantageous for industries with long-duration activities or remote monitoring applications.

Software Integration

Seamless integration

Seamless integration with third-party applications: Our Fitness tracker are designed for easy integration with your existing apps and backend

Monitor Your Progress Anywhere: Multi-Connectivity Fitness Tracker

By incorporating multiple connectivity options, fitness strap ensure a seamless user experience and cater to a wider range of needs across various industries and user scenarios.



This widely used short-range wireless technology enables wellness trackers to connect with smartphones, tablets, or other compatible devices for data transfer and synchronization.



iSmarch’s Smart bracelet with Wi-Fi capabilities can connect directly to wireless networks for faster and more efficient data transfer, without the need for a secondary device.

Móvil (4G:5G)

Móvil (4G/5G)

Advanced fitness trackers may offer cellular connectivity, allowing users to receive notifications, send messages, and access the internet independently of a connected smartphone.

una chincheta de mapa con un círculo alrededor.

Built-in GPS

Our some fitness bands are equipped with built-in GPS functionality, providing accurate location tracking and distance measurement for outdoor activities like running, cycling, and hiking. This feature enhances the user experience by offering precise tracking data without relying on the connected device's GPS.

un círculo blanco con las palabras nfc.


This short-range wireless technology allows for quick and secure data transfer between fitness bands and other NFC-enabled devices, such as payment terminals or access control systems.

Enhance Your Industry with Custom Fitness Strap Applications

By offering customizable features and seamless integration with existing systems, our HRM Wristband are ideal for various applications.

Fitness y deportes

Sports Market: Enhanced Performance Tracking and Coaching

Our smart bracelet are perfect for athletes, coaches, and trainers looking to monitor performance and progress. With accurate heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and customizable sensor options, our wearables provide comprehensive insights into an athlete's health, fitness, and performance. These data-driven insights can help inform training regimens and enable coaches to make informed decisions about their athletes' performance optimization.

Children safety

Children's Safety Market: Improved Safety and Monitoring

Our Wellness Tracker are designed with children's safety in mind, providing parents and caregivers with a reliable tool to monitor their children's health and well-being. With features such as GPS integration, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking, our fitness wristbands can provide peace of mind by keeping parents informed about their children's location, activity levels, and overall health.

Smartwatch en la educación

School Market: Promoting Health and Wellness in Educational Settings

Our smart bracelet are an excellent resource for schools looking to promote health and wellness among students. By providing accurate and reliable data on students' activity levels, sleep patterns, and heart rates, our wearables can help schools monitor and assess the overall health of their student population. This information can be used to develop targeted wellness programs, encourage physical activity, and promote healthy habits among students.

How to Operate Your Business Model

Our fitness wristbands offer versatile and adaptable solutions for a range of businesses in various industries. Here are some ways you can leverage our expertise and products to build a successful business model:

Subscription Model

Implement a subscription-based model for your fitness wearables, offering users access to premium features, services, and data analysis. By setting competitive pricing and reasonable monthly service fees, you can generate recurring revenue while providing a cost-effective solution for your customers. This affordability benefits your clients and helps expand the wearable market, reaching more potential customers and driving business growth.

Offer value-added services by providing product customization and upgrades to meet the specific needs of your clients. Charge additional fees for custom designs, sensor integrations, or software features that enhance the functionality of your fitness wristbands. This not only boosts your revenue but also helps build a loyal customer base that appreciates tailored solutions.

Product Customization and Upgrades

Strategic Partnerships

Collaborate with schools, sports organizations, healthcare providers, and insurance companies to provide them with customized fitness wearables. These partnerships can help you tap into new markets, generate additional revenue, and promote the value of fitness wearables in improving overall health.

A Case Study in Fitness bands for The Sport industry


A leading sports coaching company, striving to provide the best possible training experience for its athletes, sought a fitness band solution to monitor and analyze the performance of its athletes in real-time. The company wanted a reliable, customizable, and cost-effective solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing coaching app and provide valuable insights to both athletes and coaches.


The company required a fitness band that could track multiple essential metrics, such as heart rate, distance, speed, and calories burned, in addition to providing real-time feedback to the athletes. The fitness band also needed to be customizable, allowing the company to incorporate its branding and software while ensuring compatibility with their existing coaching app.


Our team provided the sports coaching company with a customizable fitness band tailored to meet their specific requirements. Key features of the fitness band included:

  1. Accurate and real-time monitoring of heart rate, distance, speed, and calories burned, providing valuable insights to both athletes and coaches.
  2. Custom branding, enabling the company to incorporate its logo, colors, and other branding elements into the fitness band design.
  3. Seamless integration with the company’s existing coaching app, allowing for easy data transfer and analysis.
  4. Durable and comfortable design, ensuring the fitness band could be worn during rigorous training sessions without causing discomfort or hindering performance.

El cliente quedó encantado con nuestra solución, elogiando su precisión, fiabilidad y facilidad de uso. Desde entonces, han ampliado el uso de nuestros relojes inteligentes de detección de caídas a otras instalaciones de su organización, lo que demuestra aún más el valor y la eficacia de nuestra solución.


The customized fitness band solution we provided significantly enhanced the training experience for both athletes and coaches. Athletes were able to receive real-time feedback on their performance, allowing them to make immediate adjustments and improvements. Coaches gained valuable insights into each athlete’s progress, enabling them to create personalized training programs and monitor their effectiveness.

The sports coaching company experienced increased client satisfaction and retention, thanks to the added value provided by the fitness bands. The company also saw an improvement in overall athlete performance, as the data collected by the fitness bands helped to optimize training programs and maximize each athlete’s potential.

In summary, the fitness band solution we provided successfully addressed the challenges faced by the sports coaching company, delivering a seamless, customizable, and cost-effective solution that added value to their services and boosted athlete performance.

Top 11 Leading Fitness Tracker Manufacturer & Supplier

El rastreador de fitness se ha desarrollado inicialmente para realizar un seguimiento y controlar la forma física para lograr sus objetivos de fitness de manera más eficiente. A medida que las necesidades crecientes de los consumidores y en el ínterin todos los principales empresas de wearables inteligentes dedicado a mejorar la tecnología, de modo que el rastreador de fitness se convierte en un producto esencial para las empresas de wearables inteligentes. Dado que la demanda del mercado de wearables inteligentes sigue aumentando, cada vez más empresas se incorporan al sector.

La integración de la tecnología portátil continúa a través de las empresas, con la IA, la nube, grandes volúmenes de datos, y rastreador de fitness cada vez más en la demanda. Además, los sensores, chips, interfaz de programación de aplicaciones de código abierto (API), sistema de cadena de suministro de visualización es cada vez más perfecto, por lo que sólo wearables y es la Internet de las Cosas (IoT) está logrando una mayor precisión de monitoreo y más escenarios de aplicación combinados, tales como la atención médica, hogares de ancianos, prisiones, grandes fábricas, implementación de campus inteligente.

Por ello, los principales fabricantes de pulsómetros inteligentes están intentando hacerse un hueco en el sector de los wearables inteligentes IoT.

Aquí enumeramos algunas de las principales empresas internacionales de rastreadores de fitness para ayudarle a investigar el mercado y familiarizarse con un rastreador de fitness.


Garmin, una empresa especializada en rastreadores de fitness para entusiastas del fitness, tiene la mayoría del mercado mundial de rastreadores de fitness. No sólo se centra en la investigación y el desarrollo de nuevos productos, sino que también actualiza regularmente la APP para ofrecer la mejor experiencia de usuario de fitness.

Además, también desarrollé especialmente rastreadores de fitness para deportes al aire libre, como GPS, brújula, presión atmosférica y otras funciones que se venden en el mercado mundial, principalmente en Norteamérica y Europa. Con el fin de satisfacer mejor las necesidades de los usuarios, también se añadió la función de pago Garmin Pay, y en enero de 2021 se lanzó un nuevo producto Lilly, Mini Fitness Tracker for Lady.

Monitorizar el círculo femenino con diseño de moda es una de las novedades de Garmin.


Apple Watch ha sido el líder en el número de usuarios de smartwatches, ya que sus envíos mundiales ocupan el primer lugar. Al mismo tiempo, Apple también está tratando de encontrar un nicho de mercado en la industria de los wearables inteligentes o un desarrollo a más largo plazo, como el cuidado de la salud + fitness. Apple Wear también está colaborando con Google en el seguimiento de la COVID-19 utilizando la tecnología de los rastreadores de fitness para seguir los cambios en las constantes vitales del cuerpo.

Esperemos con impaciencia el desarrollo y los nuevos productos de Apple en el nicho de los rastreadores de fitness.


Las principales líneas de productos de Fitbit son la electrónica de consumo y los rastreadores de fitness. La razón principal del rápido desarrollo de Fitbit tras entrar en el sector de los wearables inteligentes es utilizar tecnología avanzada para desarrollar el rastreador de fitness más avanzado y satisfacer las últimas necesidades del mercado.

Además de las funciones más básicas del rastreador de fitness, también ofrece aplicaciones móviles personalizadas. La plataforma Fitbit también ofrece funciones sociales, como fitness, para compartir tus objetivos de forma física en la correspondiente comunidad online, tablas de clasificación y PK, y participar en competiciones.

Hazlo más divertido y conoce a gente que comparta tus mismos intereses. Fitness también puede ofrecer Fitbit Pay a través del servicio de pago de NFC.


Huawei es una respetada empresa china de tecnología avanzada centrada en equipos de telecomunicaciones y electrónica de consumo, líder mundial en tecnología 5G y rastreadores de fitness y en el sistema operativo Android. Huawei también se ha convertido en líder del sector de los wearables inteligentes, con envíos que se sitúan entre los tres primeros.

Huawei también está utilizando la tecnología vestible inteligente para entrar en la industria médica y del fitness. Se ha informado de que Huawei está desarrollando un reloj inteligente para medir la tensión arterial que saldrá a la venta a finales de 2021.


Google es una empresa tecnológica global dedicada a motores de búsqueda, software y hardware, big data, computación en la nube y cuenta con una sólida base de datos de usuarios. Por ello, Google desarrolló la APP de seguimiento de fitness Google Fit, compatible con los sistemas Android e iOS.

También actualizó la APP en 2021, añadiendo funciones como la monitorización de la frecuencia cardiaca y el entrenamiento respiratorio.


Samsung es una empresa muy conocida en Corea del Sur. Sus principales productos son una electrónica de consumo y para el hogar. Desde 2019, se ha dedicado a desarrollar la serie Galaxy Fitness Tracker de gama alta, liderando la vida de moda y saludable de los jóvenes.

La empresa también está desarrollando sus propios dispositivos y software de RV, integrando los wearables inteligentes y la RV en uno solo, y buscando nichos de mercado en los que desarrollarse. Los productos de Samsung ocupan los primeros puestos en Asia-Pacífico, Europa y Oriente Medio.


Como empresa estadounidense dedicada al desarrollo y diseño de ropa y calzado deportivo, Nike cuenta con un grupo de usuarios muy interesado en el fitness. Por ello, lanzó Nike Training Club (NTC), una App única desarrollada por Nike basándose en años de experiencia en el sector del fitness.

Tiene cientos de modos de ejercicio y permite hacer ejercicio en casa. En la oficina también se pueden hacer ejercicios sencillos para mantenerse en forma, como yoga y ejercicios de fuerza. Nike también ha desarrollado Fitness Tracker para sus usuarios.


Como líder en productos de audio en la India, la empresa se está pasando a los wearables inteligentes debido a una base de usuarios similar. Boat también empezará a vender su marca de fitness tracker de bajo coste en 2020, que puede monitorizar la frecuencia cardíaca, SpO2, correr, montar en bicicleta, hacer senderismo, yoga y más en varios modos de ejercicio. Rastreador de fitness de Boat Fabricante OEM también en China. 


Fossil es una marca de moda estadounidense fundada en 1984. Produce principalmente accesorios de moda. Fitness Tracker es también un producto esencial de Fossil. La empresa ofrece smartwatches de diferentes formas y tamaños para monitorizar el cuerpo.

Por su aspecto moderno y delicado, es la primera elección de los jóvenes de todo el mundo. También tiene un conjunto completo de funciones, incluyendo varios modos de ejercicio para controlar la frecuencia cardíaca, oxígeno en la sangre, y los últimos productos con funciones de ECG.


Xiaomi es una empresa con sede en China que fabrica una amplia gama de productos electrónicos de consumo y artículos para el hogar. La pulsera de fitness Xiaomi Mi Band, con su función básica de seguimiento del estado físico y su precio ultrarreducido, ha alcanzado un volumen de ventas considerable en China e incluso en el mercado mundial. Xiaomi cuenta con una sólida cadena de suministro en China.

Su propósito es eliminar a todos los intermediarios y operar directamente desde las fábricas a los consumidores para que disfruten de productos tecnológicos al precio más bajo. Como resultado, ha crecido muy rápido y se ha convertido en uno de los principales proveedores de Fitness Tracker del mundo.

iSmarch logo 1 azul

iSmarch es uno de los principales rastreadores de fitness Fabricante y proveedor en China. Nos centramos en la fabricación e ingeniería de pulseras de fitness. Gracias a nuestro talentoso equipo interno de I+D, cada año lanzamos al mercado mundial al menos cuatro nuevos rastreadores de fitness con la tecnología inteligente para llevar puesta. Siempre mantenemos la innovación y superamos las barreras tecnológicas para ofrecer a los clientes funciones de mayor precisión para mostrar un estilo de vida saludable, como las nuevas funciones de ECG, presión arterial para uso médico.

No sólo para el mercado de consumo de fitness tracker como tienda en línea, reloj / marcas de relojes o Walmart, pero también ya hemos construido nuestro nicho de mercado vertical para el mercado de la salud para el campus inteligente, prisión inteligente, telesalud, Grand Playground, empresa de construcción, etc ... Cooperamos con una empresa mundial IoT, el objetivo de hacer fitness tracker útil para los seres humanos.

En los últimos nueve años ya hemos ayudado a más de 600 marcas o empresas del sector sanitario a hacer crecer su negocio. Por favor, comparta con nosotros sus escenarios de aplicación. Estaremos aquí para ofrecerle una solución integral de seguimiento del estado físico.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Work with Us on Your Smart bracelet Solution

Our comprehensive customization services are designed to help you create the perfect fitness bands solution for your business. Here’s an overview of the steps involved in our customization process:

Línea principal de producción de Ismarch

Step 1: Your Requirements

Begin by discussing your project requirements and goals with us. This includes defining your target market, desired features, and any specific design or functionality preferences. Our team will work with you to understand your needs and provide expert guidance on the best solutions to achieve your objectives.

Step 2: Product Design

Based on your requirements, we will collaborate with you to create a custom design for your fitness wristband. This includes selecting appropriate sensors, optimizing battery life, and finalizing the overall design to ensure it meets your specific needs.

Step 3: Software Integration

Once the product design is finalized, our team will work with you to integrate your existing apps and backend systems with our fitness wristband. We provide API support and assistance with data formats, ensuring seamless integration and a smooth user experience for your customers.

Step 4: Sample Testing and Confirmation

Order some sample fitness trackers to review and approval, ensuring they meet your expectations before proceeding to mass production.

Step 5: Mass Production

Upon sample approval, we begin full-scale production of your custom smart bracelet, efficiently delivering your tailored products.

Step 6: Quality Assurance

Throughout the production process, we maintain rigorous quality control measures to guarantee each fitness wristband meets the highest standards.

Step 7: Shipping and Delivery

After production, we ensure the timely delivery of your finished products, helping you launch your business quickly and effectively.

Step 8: Ongoing Support

Our team is available for ongoing technical support and assistance, ensuring continued satisfaction

Control de calidad y medidas de garantía

Calidad es fundamental para los valores de iSmarch. Nuestro equipo de control de calidad se adhiere a estrictas directrices y procedimientos, supervisando cada etapa de fabricación. Además de las inspecciones rutinarias, realizamos pruebas exhaustivas en cada smartwatch para verificar el rendimiento, la duración de la batería y la durabilidad. Este enfoque integral garantiza que nuestros smartwatches cumplan o superen los estándares del sector.

ismarch Equipo de control de calidad

Normas y certificaciones internacionales

iSmarch se compromete a respetar las normas y certificaciones internacionales más exigentes. Nuestras instalaciones y procesos están certificados por organizaciones mundialmente reconocidas como ISO, RoHS y CE.

Why Choose Us as Your Wellness Tracker Solution Provider

iSmarch’s smart bracelet stands out due to its exceptional performance, affordability, and customization options.

Premium Quality at an Affordable Price

Our wellness tracker are designed to provide the same level of performance and accuracy as leading brands like Whoop,Oura etc, but at a fraction of the cost. This affordability makes our fitness wearables accessible to a wider range of clients, without compromising on quality or functionality.

Customizable Options for Seamless Industry Integration

We understand that every industry has its specific requirements, which is why we offer comprehensive customization options for our fitness strap. From sensor integration to software compatibility, our fitness wearables can be tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries, ensuring seamless integration with your app.

Cutting-Edge Technology and High-Precision Data Accuracy

Our fitness trackers are designed with the latest advancements in technology and rigorous quality control processes, ensuring exceptional performance and high-precision data collection.

Pioneering Fitness Wristband Innovations

We are at the forefront of fitness bands development, having created many widely adopted features in the market.

Fitness Bands OEM and ODM Services

Our company specializes in providing comprehensive OEM y ODM services for fitness bands

Servicios OEM

smartwatch OEM banner
  • Custom branding: We can incorporate your company’s logo, colors, and branding elements into the fitness wristband design to create a consistent brand identity.
  • Hardware customization: We can tailor the fitness wristband’s hardware components, such as sensors, processors, and display, to meet your specific requirements.
  • Software customization: We can develop custom firmware and software solutions to improve device performance, security, and user experience based on your specifications.

Servicios ODM

ODM smartwatch
  • Desarrollo del concepto: We work closely with you to understand your target market and create a concept that aligns with your business goals.
  • Industrial design: Our team of experienced designers creates a visually appealing and ergonomic fitness wristband design that caters to the specific needs of your target market.
  • Desarrollo de hardware y software: We develop custom hardware and software solutions tailored to your fitness wristband’s unique features and requirements, ensuring optimal performance and user experience.
  • Creación de prototipos y pruebas: We create functional prototypes for your fitness wristband, conduct thorough testing, and refine the design based on feedback and test results.


Can your fitness wristbands integrate with our existing app or software?

Yes, our fitness bands can seamlessly integrate with your existing app or software. We provide APIs and SDKs to help you easily connect the fitness bands with your app, ensuring a smooth data transfer and analysis process.

What is the battery life of your fitness trackers?

Battery life depends on the specific model and usage. However, our fitness trackers are designed to be power-efficient, offering extended battery life compared to many competing products. In general, our fitness bands can last from 5 to 7 days on a single charge, depending on the usage and features activated.

How accurate are the sensors in your Smart bracelet?

We use high-quality, cutting-edge sensors in our fitness bands to ensure accurate and reliable data collection. Our heart rate monitors, sleep trackers, and other sensors have been rigorously tested and proven to provide precise measurements.

Are your fitness wristbands water-resistant?

Yes, our fitness bands are water-resistant, with most models offering a water resistance rating of IP67 or higher. This means that the fitness bands can withstand sweat, rain, and splashes, making them suitable for various sports and activities.

What is the MOQ for customized Wellness trackers?

The minimum order quantity for customized fitness bands depends on the specific requirements and customization options. Please contact us to discuss your needs, and we will provide you with a detailed quote based on your unique specifications.

What is the production lead time for customized fitness bands?

Production lead times may vary depending on the level of customization and order volume. Generally, the lead time for customized fitness bands ranges from 4 to 6 weeks. We will provide you with a more accurate timeline once we have a clear understanding of your requirements and order quantity.

Póngase en contacto con nosotros

Personaliza tu reloj inteligente

Ready to transform your business with our fitness wristbands? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for more information or to discuss your unique needs.

Get in touch with us now. Let’s work together to elevate your business and enhance your user experiences with our innovative fitness wristband solutions.