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1. What is ECG in Smartwatch?

Electrocardiography (ECG) is a technique that records the pattern of electrical activity produced by the heart during each cardiac cycle from the surface of the body.

The heart is a three-dimensional structure, in order to reflect the electrical activity of different sides of the heart, in different parts of the body placed electrodes to record and reflect the electrical activity of the heart. The placement of cardiac electrodes is shown in the table below. During routine ECG examination, only 4 limb leads and 66 V 1-v precordial leads were used to record routine 12-lead ECG.

Name and position of electrode on body surface

Name of electrode

Electrode position


Left upper extremity


Right upper extremity


Left lower extremity


Right lower extremity


Right margin of sternum at 4th intercostal space


Left margin of sternum at 4th intercostal space


Between lead V 2 and lead V 4


Fifth intercostal space above the left clavicle midline


Fifth intercostal space on the left axillary anterior line


The 5th intercostal space is on the left axillary midline


Fifth intercostal space on the left posterior axillary line


The 5th intercostal space is above the left scapula


Fifth intercostal space on the left paravertebral line


Between lead V 1 and lead v 4R


The 5th intercostal space is above the middle line of the right clavicle


The 5th intercostal space is on the right axilla anterior line

Currently the smart wearable device is a single lead.

iSmarch ECG wearable monitor A (9)

2. ECG Watch Application & function:

ECG is one of the most commonly used clinical examinations, widely used. Applications include:

  1. Record the normal electrical activity of the human heart.
  2. Help diagnose arrhythmias.
  3. To help diagnose myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction and location.
  4. Diagnosis of cardiac enlargement and hypertrophy.
  5. Determine the effect of medications or electrolytes on the heart.
  6. Determine the state of artificial heart pacing.
  7. Biofeedback, mood and stress levels

3. How to Test ECG Watch in A Professional Way?

(1) if the serial oscilloscope software is used on the laptop, the power cord of the laptop should be unplugged, otherwise there is interference (used to test the serial output data)

(2) if the device is worn with the left hand, press the electrode with the fingers of the right hand, and make sure that the right hand does not touch the left hand.

(3) the hand should be placed on the table when measuring, so as to be better fixed and prevent dynamic interference.

(4) don’t put the plug board on the table when measuring, there will be interference.

(5) do not speak while measuring.

(6) the height of the arm and the heart were basically equal

(7) individual ECG is very different, attention to keep the skin moist, dry skin on the ECG more large impact

ECG test wave 1
Original ECG test wave 3

4. iSmarch X6 Wearable ECG Watch Introduction:

X6 ECG+Blood oxygen+temperature+heart rate+breathing+Stress+Fatigue+Social ditancing Smartwatch

  • Dynamic heart rate: Heart rate normally turn on can support 7*24 hours of continuous broadcasting, high precision and ultra-low power dynamic heart rate
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2): Photoplethysmography (PPG) reflected light blood oxygen (red & light + infrared light) high accuracy blood oxygen
  • ECG: High accuracy raw data and filtering
  • Respiratory rate: Supports breaths per minute, expressed in counts per minute
  • Body Temperature: High precision temperature module, temperature measurement accuracy is + / – 0.1 degrees, can support the output of body temperature and body surface temperature at the same time 
  • Blood pressure: Support (not accurate)
  • Fatigue: Support (available at 9am the next day)
  • Stress level: Support (HRV-based algorithm takes more than 1 minute to measure)
  • HRV/RRI: 25HZ sampling rate (higher sampling rate can be customized) broadcast data acquisition and SDK/API acquisition are supported 
  • Distance/calories: Support (store step number information for 7 days, 7*24 hours)
  • Sleep: Support (via broadcasting)
  • Accelerator XYZ RAWDATA: Support SDK or Bluetooth protocol to obtain the original value of XYZ axis acceleration sensor (obtained after bluetooth connection) 
  • Gyroscope XYZ RAWDATA: Support SDK or Bluetooth protocol to obtain the original value of XYZ axis gyroscope sensor (obtained after bluetooth connection) 
  • Bracelet batch time automatic calibration: Support (Automatic access to Bluetooth base station timing without APP time calibration bracelet) 
  • NFC: Support 13.56MHZ/M1 
  • SOS: Support physical button long press for 5 seconds broadcast SOS = 1 which is received by the gateway and the cloud platform will make corresponding response
  • Bluetooth BEACON broadcasting: 300MS broadcasting
  • Support with Bluetooth Gateway(Optional):
  • 1. Support bluetooth gateway batch time calibration
    2. Connect to send instructions to obtain body data
    3. Support the display of user information on the page of the bracelet (name, organization, number and position)
    4. Support bluetooth gateway push message (each text content is up to 50 Chinese characters)
    5. Supports five message stores
ECG test wave 2

5. iSmarch X6 Wearable ECG Watch Specifications:

X6 ECG+Blood oxygen+temperature+heart rate+breathing+Stress+Fatigue+Social ditancing Smartwatch

  • Device size(mm)without strap: 43*34*13mm
  • Weight Device without strap: 22.5g
  • Weight strap: 5.2g
  • Body temperature function description: Skin temperature detection.High thermal conductivity temperature sensor with built-in algorithm.the skin temperature of the wrist part Measurement range 32 degrees Celsius – 42 degrees Celsius
  • Chipset Supplier: NORDIC NRF52840
  • APP: IXFIT(Download at App Store or Google Play Store)
  • App System requirement: Android5.0 or Above, IOS9.0 or Above
  • FLASH memory: 512K
  • Display type: TFT IPS
  • Screen size: 1.3inch
  • Auflösung: 240*240
  • Touch Type: Full Touch
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.2
  • G-Sensor: 3axis high accuray sensor
  • Accelerator+Gyroscope: Yes, 6 axis can be used for fall detection
  • Temperature: Yes
  • PPG: High accurary PPG module and low power consumption
  • Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery
  • Capacity: 260MAH
  • Charging Method: Special charging way
  • Waterproof Level: IP67
  • Aufladezeit: 2 Stunden
  • Material: Watch case: aluminum oxidation Back case: IML anti-scratch Strap: TPU
Original ECG test wave 1
iSmarch ECG smartwatch