T3 Activity Tracker - Entwickelt für Studenten und Erwachsene gleichermaßen

The T3 Activity Tracker is a versatile and durable device designed for both student athletes and adults engaged in regular physical activity. By providing detailed insights into health and exercise patterns, the T3 encourages a disciplined approach to fitness and wellness.

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T3 Activity Tracker - Entwickelt für Studenten und Erwachsene gleichermaßen

Wesentliche Merkmale

Erweitertes Gesundheits- und Fitness-Tracking

  • Dynamische Herzfrequenzüberwachung: Real-time heart rate tracking for safe and effective exercise routines.
  • Comprehensive Activity Data: Records steps, distance, and calories burned to measure progress towards fitness goals.

Rugged and Reliable

  • Durable Design: Built to endure intense physical activities and various environmental conditions.
  • Water-Resistant: Ideal for outdoor workouts and aquatic sports.

Customizable User Experience

  • Personalized Profiles: Set up individual profiles for tailored fitness tracking and recommendations.
  • Interactive Display: Vibrant screen that provides instant feedback on your health and activity metrics.

Technische Daten

  • Sensoren: Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors for heart rate and multi-dimensional movement tracking.
  • Lebensdauer der Batterie: Long-lasting battery designed to keep up with the most demanding fitness schedules.


  • Educational Institutions: A perfect partner for PE classes, sports teams, and any educational setting emphasizing physical health.
  • Personal Fitness: For adults pursuing a healthy lifestyle or a structured fitness regime.

Anpassung und Unterstützung

  • Multiple Color Options: Choose from a variety of colors to match personal or team preferences.
  • After-Sales Service: Exceptional customer support for any technical assistance and warranty services.

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